Fully Detailed Halo-Plex Log June 25, 2012

  1. Fully Detailed Halo-Plex Log June 25, 2012

    Whats up everyone my first actual post/log after being a long time lurker of the site.
    Stats: Age 29
    Weight:185 lbs
    Height:5' 11''
    BF% 12% Ball park figure
    Goals- 5-6 lbs of lean mass
    Ive been training since im 18 years old and have kept myself lean for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I went from 168lbs to 185 lbs over the last year trying to put size on. Im looking to get shredded up now that I put a lil bit of size on. My motivation is through the roof.

    So ive decided to take the plunge and run Halo-Plex for 5 week cycle. With lots of research ive put together my cycle and im going to log it as detailed as possible including sides, weight, libido, pump, workouts, macros and anyhting else you guys want to know. So heres the layout im going with.

    Halo-Test- 50/75/75/75/75 doses spaced out througout the day.

    Im preloading AI Life Support, Fish Oil, MSM, Flax seed oil for the next two week before I begin

    Im going to eat between-2200-2500 cals a day ill break down the Macros in my log.

    Workout- 4-5x perweek -Individual Muscle groups concentrating on compound movements and I also train BJJ 3x a week.

    Post cycle: Liquid Tamox 20/20/20/20
    AI Life Support
    Fish Oil
    Flax Seed Oil
    Gaspari Size on
    Bio Forge
    Activate Extreme

    So im sure im leaving out some info somewhere but let me know what you guys think. Im open for suggestions and constructive crticism, im looking to get the most out of my first cycle. I wish I could be running test+ anavar cycle but I could kiss my job goodbye lol. Thanks guys

  2. I'm also gonna add some toco-8 as a staple supplement for my overall well being and hair. I'm hoping someone could comment ony upcomming hdrol cycle.

  3. Bump for some feed back thanks.

  4. Everything looks pretty good as far as dose. Halo is one of the milder methylated compounds, but is a great first time PH. The one thing I would suggest is you do a taper with the Tamox. Stay consistent, and gains will come slowly but surely, it takes a few weeks for Halo to really kick in. Good luck.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by joejoe55 View Post
    Everything looks pretty good as far as dose. Halo is one of the milder methylated compounds, but is a great first time PH. The one thing I would suggest is you do a taper with the Tamox. Stay consistent, and gains will come slowly but surely, it takes a few weeks for Halo to really kick in. Good luck.
    Thanks Joe Just needed some reassurance on the cycle and ill def change up the tamox dosing. You think im good running the cycle for 5 weeks or should i push itnto a 6 week cycle.

  6. I think with Halo you would be good doing a 6 week cycle, depending on sides. I've seen people run it 3 weeks in a row at 100mg.. but you could def. run it for another week at 75, if not 100. Halo takes a few weeks to really kick in, so you don't want to limit your gains by shortchanging your cycle.

  7. Yea I'm pretty excited about it wish I could start today but I have to preload my support supps. I'm def goons post up some pics once thinks get underway. I'm training my ass off, and have been for the last year looking forward to te boost. Thanks for the info Joe it's much appreciated.

  8. Np man. We are started somewhere it's all about sharing the knowledge! Eat your ass off and train like a beast, you won't be dissapointed.
    There is nothing like being "ON".. in a couple weeks you'll know what I mean.

  9. Two more days and counting can't wait. I'm just getting over a nasty cold too. Good thing this cold happend now.

  10. how is it going so far

  11. What's up Hulk, I'm actually gonna be under way tomorrow . I'm just getting over this nasty cold and I slightly strained a muscle in my back while at SWAT training. My diet is locked down, I want to get off on the right foot. It's killing me not to start and be in the gym today, but I rather be 100% or close to it before I start. I think 1 more day and I'll be good to go.

  12. good make sure you have everything 100% and you should see some real results

  13. Well today is the day. I feel good, my back is holding up fine. Im gonna hit chest alone today and just destroy it. Ill post everythimg when i get back. Workout, supps, etc. At the end of each night ill post up my macros for the day also. Time to shred boys.

  14. Day 1
    Supplement list-
    3-anavite multi vit
    3000 mg fish oil
    2000 mg flax seed oil
    Ai life support 2 pills
    1000 mcg Biotin
    1000 mg MSM
    1- 25 mg HALO-PLEX
    Muscle pharm assault protein

    Chest Workout

    Incline dumbell press

    Warm up set 50x15

    Flat dumbell press


    Flat flys


    Bw x failure
    Bw x failure
    Bw x failure
    Bw x failure

    Workout- felt really weak from getting over this cold and this stupid strain in my back. Still pushed through an had a decent workoout.
    Sides- none to report
    Libido- strong as usual
    Motivation- strong

    My numbers will get higher as i feel better for sure. My diet is dialed down, eating clean shooting for 2200 calories today. Let me know if you guys want me to post more info or have questions regarding the log. Im open to constructive critcism as well. Im still waiting for the toco-8 to get here from primodial performance. Thanks for your input guys.

  15. Ok so day 1 is coming to an end.

    My final Macros for the day
    Protein- 267 G, Carbs- 146, fat 93 g,

    Im already sore from my workout this morning and hungry for more. Tomorrow im going to be hitting back hard followed by 40 minutes of cardio Interval style. Im really hoping this annoying strain goes away soon I need to get on the mats im competeing in 1 month at Grapplers Quest Worlds.

    Pm Supplements

    2000 mg Fish Oil
    2000 mg Flax Seed oil
    AI Life Support 2 caps
    1000 mg Vitamin C
    1000 mg Biotin
    1000 mg MSM
    1500mg Celery root
    500mg Stinging Nettle
    25 mg HALO-PLEX

    5am Workout tomorrow


    Dead lifts

    Pull ups

    Seated Rows

    Pull downs

    Im going also be pounding out my abs tomorrow. Im going to post the full workout tomorrow.

    Thanks guys

  16. Forgot my cals 2347 for the day

  17. Day 2

    Supplements all the same as day 1 including the dosage.

    Workout this morning was good not great didn't go to myax effort because of my back. I gotta say it's feeling a lot better, anyway the workout was still intense.

    135x15 warm up
    205x 10
    225x10 all sets 60 second rest

    Pull ups

    Bw x 10
    Bw x 10
    Bw x 8
    Bw x 6

    Seated rows

    70 x 15
    80 x 15
    85 x 12
    100 x 10

    Hammer Strength pull downs

    45lb plate on each side x 15
    45lb & 25lb plate x 12
    45lb & 25 lb plate x 12
    45lb & 25 lb plate x 12

    30 mins of interval cardio

    I'm gonna hit my abs hard this afternoon.


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