Testing my limits and hoping my heart dosen't explode(log)

  1. Testing my limits and hoping my heart dosen't explode(log)

    I'm chasing the stim/pump product pump now.I'll be stacking stim/pump products and I don't suggest trying this at home.I'll be doing this for the next 4 weeks starting today.I just got back on stims so the dosing may be weak at first.

    Been lifting for 5 years now.

    My split is chect/bi's-legs/abs-rest-Back/tri-Shoulder's/deadlift-off-off

    I will be trying new pre workout's via the sample packets I get from ordering online and be stacking multiple stim's.
    This is not safe,I will however be using a Heart rate monitor throughout and listening to my body.I'm a self proclaimed test rat so please...again...don't try this at home!

    If I die...VaughnTrue and other I force reps I want you to know...I'm trying the new dexaprine today.I'm going to stack it with a maximize sample.Thanks for making some boss ass products.

    I probably won't so heres the other things I have on hand and I have alot more not listed:
    *note...some of them double as fat burners,I will eat more to compensate*

    Dexaprine(1 bottle)
    1.3 dimethylamylamine(1 bottle200 caps 20mg)
    craze(3 tubs)
    1xsuper pump max(tub)
    6xn zero(cellucor sample pack)
    ?xCaffeine pills(alot...cheapest and most effective pre work out out there boys!)
    1xephedrine via bronkaid(60 tab count box)
    7xBSN hyper FX(sample1 serving)
    3xNo-Explode(sample packet)
    4xSuperHD(7 pill sample...I wish they would stop promoting this...)
    3xMP assault(sample)
    Vasotropin(1 bottle)
    1xScifit nitrox II(Free bottle?)
    10x yok3d(samples,4 pills each)
    Plasma jet(1 serving left)

    More will be listed later.

    Sub for updates!

  2. dexaprine plus maximize gave me some good intensity.I was sweating the whole gym session.

    Taking the individual products I will give them ratings:
    DEXAPRINE:9 out of 10.One of the best fat burners Ive tried.Clean energy,not a crash product.Which is good when your dieting.Those crashes can be det·ri·men·tal to your progress. but I have tried EC so...that gets 10 both in energy and fatburning but this is a good replacement!
    Maximize:8 out of 10.I like Agmatine alot pre workout,I also like taurine in a pre workout.Vitamin B12 kicks in rather fast so that is deff a plus.I also like 1,3 Dimethylpentylamine.Good stim.The blend is solid!and so is the energy!

    Taste of maximize?uhhh..I'm not a big fan of peach.So...6/10.Didn't taste bad but thats just the flavor.I'm sure the other ones would be fine.

    My lifts are as follows:

    Shoulder day:
    WARM UP!
    5 lb rotator cuff work.20 lbs shoulder press for 25 reps,45 lbs for 17 reps now to working sets:

    70lbs shoulder press 3 sets of 9reps,got 5 on the last set.
    25 lbs side lateral raise3 sets of 10 reps(arms straight not bent like a p****)
    30 lbs rear delt flys4 sets of 8 reps(arms straight)
    385 lbs stiff legged deads 3 sets of 5 reps(I need to move up weight soon)
    Barbel shrugs dropset. Started at 270 loaded bars weighs 20lbs so 290lbs.Took off a 45 plate each time.First set 4 to 5 reps,DROP:8-12 rep DROP:Until failure(around 18 to 25 reps.At this point your traps are about to explode so your counting may be off)

  3. 1.3 40mgs+1 scoop craze+vasotropin = gold

    1.3 is deff a great stim,although rather strong.
    Craze is a 10/10 for me.The best pre workout I have ever tried.
    Vasitropin is 8/10.Suppose to replace plasma jet but isen't as good.Still a nice pump product.


    DB press 3sets of 90 lbs at 9-11 reps.

    db flys 3 sets of 45 at 6 to 9 reps

    db curls :50lbs,propper form arms pined to the side slowly raising them.3 sets at 5-8 reps

    Straight barbel reverse grip curl 65 lbs(not including bar) 3 sets of 7 -9reps

    Great stim stack!Heart rate was 140's though.May be a bit much for others.

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