Creatine is an organic acid which is already present in our muscle cells. Creatine absorbs water from different organs of our body and deposits into the muscle cells. As a result, there is a lack of water supply to other body organs and they suffer from dehydration, thereby causing muscle cramps. One of the creatine dangers is the piling up of extra calories. Creatine increases the muscle energy and the body starts gaining weight at an unhealthy rate. Another side effect of creatine is that it causes kidney problems. It has been noted that long term use of creatine transforms kidney stones to ulcer. Other complications of the kidney have also been seen in people consuming more creatine. If you are already suffering from nephritic problems, you should consult a doctor before taking this particular supplement. Creatine also causes stomach cramps, nausea and other such problems. It also increases the reproducible rate of tumor cells.