There is probably quite a few of you members who have never heard of Beverly Intl. supplements and even fewer who have actually tried them. They've been around a long time, since the 60's at least, so the longevity is a good sign. I used to read all of their ads and endorsements in the Planet Muscle magazines, and eventually got around to trying a few of their products. Nothing really stood out as far as difference in physique or strength, except for Mass amino tablets.

Years later I turned my brother, who competes in natural bodybuilding, onto their line. Well my brother ended up loving everthing he tried from Beverly, and eventually became a sponsored athlete. His physique has improved tremendously and so has his strength, since switching over primarily to Beverly supplements. He also goes by their competition program for off season and pre-contest. All in all, he follows everything to an exact science, from the diet, the excercise template, to the supplement protocol, provided by Beverly.

So he completely believes that Beverly Intl. was the main reason for his success and it would be hard for me to disagree. Now it's my turn to give the whole program a go. I just finished up a successfull run with Compound 20 and Erase Pro, so im eager to give a more "basic" stack a go. Beverly relies heavily on providing the base supplements, but they excell highly in this endeavor. They do have some other supplements, that seem really plain in comparison to today's hardcore genre. A very popular supplement line that comes close to what Beverly does, is Universal Nutrition, who really provide a nice, strong basic line.

In fact, for a long time ive substituted Beverly's line with Universal, being that the actuall supps are so close, but Universal is so much cheaper. Now that my brother gets such a good price on Beverly, im completely splurging on nothing but Beverly for this run. So no Universal Nutrition products as subtitutes or stand-ins and I will be doin a comparison where applicable. Also to keep in mind, ive done nothing but the basics before and saw good results, so I will be comparing this also. Also but bear in mind that Beverly's basics run much further than just Protein and Creatine, so results should definatly vary.

The program starts June 1st and I already have my 1st month of Beverly's supplements at my house. It's a 4 month program, with the idea of me getting ready for a bodybuilding show at the end of September. Just know that I am not competing, rather just using an actual show's date as a psuedo goal ; )

There is no absolute specific weight or condition goal, unless I do the bod pod, bf% test. We are aiming for a ball park loss in weight of around 50lbs, give or take. If I do the bod pod measurment, we could actually get more technical on the actual goal. June 6th I will also be getting blood work done, just to see where im at on certain things.

If things are goin well, I may add in some goodies to the mix. This is an advanced basics supplement stack imo, because it does not include test boosters, or an advanced herbal mixture that does something wonderfull ( think Usp labs or PES ), but will include simple fat burners and some other ingrediants that might not be considered less than cutting edge. But like I was saying, if lets say by 8 weeks, things are great, I may add something cool. I'll at least know by then if the program is working and then I could add in something to increase results. Im even toying with the idea of throwing in a prohormone.

Okay, thats it for now. I'll post some more here as things come to me.