MrMarc ~ Gettin A Greek GOD Body With Reversitol V2 + Intimidate~ ~I-FORCE SPONSORED~

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  1. MrMarc ~ Gettin A Greek GOD Body With Reversitol V2 + Intimidate~ ~I-FORCE SPONSORED~

    I would like to start of by saying a BIG and HUGE Thank You VaughnTrue & the WHOLE I-Force family for this amazing sponsored opportunity to log Reversitol V2 & Intimidate!

    Let's start off with the good's shall we!

    Seriously this is by far the sickest shirt I own; It's awesome.

    Little bit about me.

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 175
    Bf%: 13-15%

    The Home Gym! AKA "The Setup"

    Workout Plan.

    Edit: 6/02/12 Stronglift 5x5 on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.

    There will be a high volume/rep day which will be Tuesday & Thursday in which there will be two workouts plans "A & B". Saturday, & Sunday day off from everything.

    Cardio Plan.

    Edit: 6/2/12 New Plan is low steady pace jogging everyday for 5 days, with Saturday & Sunday off, this will allow me more fat burning!


    Monday-Friday doing the p90x with Saturday & Sunday off.

    Diet Plan.

    Calories: 1300
    Macro: 15%/20%/65% Carbs/Fat/Protien

    Edit: 6/02/12
    New plan is is to try the lean-gains fasting!

    Everything will be tracked via my fitness pal.

  2. Week 1

    Yesterday recap at 5/29/12 I took 2 reversitol v2 caps at 5:30pm then around 10:00pm I took 1 more + Intimidate. Now if there one thing I could say is I felt firm, nothing rock hard yet, but I felt more firm and pretty solid. Now as far as Intimidate no drowsiness to speak of, did feel a little relax and peaceful once my head hit the pillow, but this is were thing took a thing for the worst, not in a bad way. First I have great sleeping habit and pretty much sleep through the night for 7-9 hours, on rare time maybe 2 times at the most to use the restroom, depending on water intake that day and before bed of course, but other then that am passed out for the night! So well I went to be earlier then normal and just could not sleep and here the reason why, they had a police plane searching for somebody or something all through the dam night so that'sall I heard was the plane; Most annoying thing every. Well after a while I finally passed out! sleep felt deep and solid, but got up once to pee and then passed right back out once head hit the pillow.

    5/30/12 Day 2

    Took 2 caps of Reversitol V2 this morning on a empty stomach and more to follow in a few hours etc!
    Ok Just did my ab workout P90x around 12:00 noon was really good, but man that was a good challenge. Well I made some tweaks in my diet plan. Will give another update by tonight on everything etc.

    Ok well Here the final updated for today! What I have noticed as I said before is more firmness and solid feel, also I been peeing allot lately and haven't even drunk the amount of water I usually drink in a day which is pretty crazy. As far as intimidate went I can sure say that I do wake up feeling refreshed and I don't even get up at 8am which is a first!!!!

    Workout today was simple around 5pm I did squats 95lbs for 5 sets of 10 only 2 break of 20 sec and all were done with proper from along with being done quick and explosive. Next I did just a simple bench of 145lbs for 5 sets of 10. For these next few days until Monday I'll keep workout simple like this, This will allow me to get a good warm up / stretch before I really start lifting on Monday. Overall this if just to get me in the grove of things again. After workout has some decent veins looking full.

    5/31/12 Day 3

    Sore today all over: legs, abs, you name it am sore dead sore from yesterday. Had pretty good sleep this time around; Won't really comment on it to much just yet. Looking leaner overall, abs 60/40% or starting to come back out slowly, need to focus on the lower stomach area , but only time will tell on that! Today I will be jogging with a hint on sprints after that or before will be doing abs again, followed by another simple workout . More detail to follow later!

    Will time to pop off 2 reversotl v2 caps on a empty stomach. See ever one later on.

    Workout today was simple and solid. Took 2 caps of Synthetic Supplements Agmatine pre workout and it was crazy.

    Incline bench at 45-65 degree 145lbs 5x5 10 sec rest between.

    Flat bench 95lbs 15 reps with 10 sec break + 5 added rep each time, example 15 + 5 = 20 20+5 = 25 and so on. So you start all over from rep 1 each time after your 10 sec break and then added + 5 reps to your last rep you left off. After around rep 35 I took a 20 sec break and went to failure.

    45lbs curling bar 2 sets of 15 then 2 set of 15 wide, then 40lbs to failure.

    Will today was a good day overall; Went running around early afternoon and was hot as balls, but o well. looking fuller and leaner each day and pretty pump. I noticed since I been running every other day for the past 3 week my biceps are starting to look amazing its weird! Vein are running every were spiders veins all in my biceps, shoulder/delts area has sprier veins. it just amazing even better when I flex. Diet has been on point!

    Other note I treated my self to some VMS Protean 2 scoops and boy that was refreshing, only thing is my poor tub kind running out slowly its to painful to watch

    6/01/12 Day 4

    Well had a good sleep last night woke up once really fast then went back to sleep it was weird..?.. Dreams are vivid a good bit, with only being 3 days in. Muscles are still sore mostly in quads/thighs and abs slightly sore. Am waking up with nice full veins and am felling refreshed each morning.

    Am going to be taking the day off today from working out today, but I will be doing abs for sure! Other little side notes stomach area just looking nice and lean as each days comes, am really excited to see what week 3 brings! Just got to keep pushing my self in running every other day it is rough, but it got to get done.

    Today was a basic and real relaxing day, had some good recover time and then I did my p90x for abs, the p90x is getting a little bit easier to complete and very please with my abs progress so far! Feeling more firm and got some good pumps going through out the day so lets see the other week stacks up.

    Here a picture of dinner I made for me YUM with sweet potato.

    I will try and post pictures of my dinners from now one even if it like a peice of bread and butter lol. DIET ON POINT.

    6/2/12 Day 5

    Took my caps of of reversitol v2 this morning! felling good!
    Decide to change my cardio plan from sprint 3x a week to low steady pace jogging "1.2-2miles" everyday for 5 days, this will allow more for more fat burning!

    Workout today was as followed.

    Overhead press:

    2x15 bar "Warmup" 3x5 95lbs then 4x4. Drop it to 75lbs 1x10

    Lat pull downs:

    90lbs 2x44

    145lbs 2x20

    Big change in weight today up 5lbs with about 1/2-1% Bodyfat down. Weighed my self naked.

    Change my diet today going from 1800 calories to 1300. Macros are now 15%/65%/20% "Carbs/Protein/Fats." Also going to try lean-gain fasting!

    Also change my workout plan a little bit.

    more updates to follow tonight.

    6/03/12 day 6

    Well intimidate has kicked in full effect! Having some crazy dreams and vidid, great sleep to! Reversitol v2 working wonders libido nice, pumped and nice veins going and reduce soreness overall with some cardio improvements.

    Am one day one of leangains and wow body temp is like sky high!

    I did cardio after my 16 hours at 1pm and boy did I break a good sweat felt really good, got in my calories for today so no more food. Abs will be later on tonight also with my does of rv2 and intimidate.

    Tomorrow will be my official start of my workout program that I have l

    6/04/12 Day 7 1 full week in!

    Well intimidate is just doing wonders during the night. Reversitol v2 has libido going strong. Felling great everyday no soreness after workouts and no soreness in abs!!! Leangains is going good 2 days in and loving it and wow I must say body temp is like crazy warm I think I might have lost some size since starting leangains, but i'll re weight my self after a week of this to get a better reading. Strength is up and looking lean as usually so as long as strength don't go down then am fine with some size lost.

    Well this was dinner fish "Tilapia" with corn, green beans, and yellow rice.!

    Workout today was 5x5 started with lower weights and will be working up. I started my workout during my fasting, was a little different, but good and after I went a jog/walk.

    Squats: 115lbs 5x5

    Bench: 145lbs 5x5

    Barbell Rows: 65lbs 5x5

    Week 2

    6/05/12 Day 8

    Well intimidate is just amazing got some insane crazy dreams going! This combo + reversitol v2 is perfection in a bottle! No soreness to speak of muscle hardness is there, but I don't expect much till the 3rd week. 3rd day of leangains and loving it! Today was a high vloume/rep day, but keeping it easy.

    Workout today was as followed.


    Cable Rows: 160lbs 2x30 50lbs 2x25 1x30 1xFail

    Standing dunbells press: 30lbs 2x12 25lbs 3x25

    Preacher curls with dunbells: 25lbs 3x25 each arm

    6/06/12 DAY 9!

    Today was a great day with felling full refresh and just amazing mood all day! Veins are getting better and better as in more fuller, spider veins and making more spider veins it awesome.!.

    Currently on the 4th day of leangains and seeing results but there coming in little by little for now, Am also on point with my meals most of my calories are at 1pm ish and then a rest at 5pm ish and has been consistent.

    Second day of strong lifts workout was as followed.

    Squats: 120lbs 5x5

    Overhead press: 65lb 5x5

    Deadlifts: 185lbs 1x5

    After my workout I did some jogging/walking then came back home to EAT! Was a great day today!

    Here was DINNER for today.

    6/7/12 Day 10!

    Am simply felling amazing all day 24/7! Veins are so full and nice. Muscles hardness still there and getting good pumps. Libido feeling like King Kong on Viagra!

    Today was good day, kinda lazy, but good.

    Workout today was simple high volume / rep and Phase 1 of 3 on bench strength test.

    lat pulls downs: 50lbs 1x100 140lbs 2x20

    Dunbells Flys: 15lbs 5x5 & 3x15

    Dunbells curls: 15lbs 3xFail

    Phase 1 of bench test "small strength test" 185lbs 5x5 225lbs 1 rep 205 5x5 Next week phase will be 275lbs followed by 245lbs5x5 225lb 3x5 Last phase will be 1 rep max.

    6/8/12 Day 11

    Today was a stressful day with work and still is.... Had a amazing sweat going on today during workout, leangains is still going strong!

    Squats: 125lbs 5x5

    Bench: 150lbs 5x5

    Barbell Row: 70lbs 5x5

    After I did the p90x and then went running and boy I was drench with sweat 2 upper abs are pretty much full visible now! just got to get the mid section one and the hit the lower one. So far so good. Progress is being made slowly, but surely .

    6/9/12 day 12

    Wow today I woke up with all kind's of muscle hardness! Mr. Woody is as happy as can be to, lol. Intimidate is just amazing is the sleep department and recovery, but dream are intense and good, also been sleeping through the whole night like a baby! Reversitol v2 also working wonder on libido and recovery, hardness, strength etc. Both of these products are delivering excellent result's. Haa well today is a off day and tomorrow will also be a off day.

    Here was lunch for today! Lump Roast, Cabbage dish, mash potatoes with gravy, and carrots. + a glass of V8 fussion

    6/10/12 day 13!

    Off day today! Muscle hardness is in full effect today. Check out my mini log also MrMarc LOG Of GLYCOMYX! Time To Carb Up Baby! ~Logging Time~!

    Full update for today

    6/11/12 Day 14 2 FULL WEEKS IN! More update to follow in the evening about my thoughts so far!

    Today was hot and fun packed workout!

    Squats: 135lbs 5x5
    Overhead press: 70lbs 5x5
    Deadlifts: 195lbs 5x5

    Went running after like 4-5 15sec sprints and about 60 sec walk and the another 4-5 on the way back home.

    Here was lunch for today!

    more to come this evening!

    Weight went up about 5lbs with 1/2-1% bodyfat down about last week, but since am been doing the leangains I think I may be back down to 175lbs "holding strong" but with at lest at total of 2-3% bodyfat down. I haven't been checking weights like I should am just going more from the mirror, cloths fits, and other people.

    The most notable change is how much leaner I look I don't think I ever look this lean, Lat's separation is coming along and I also looking more dense along with felling rock hard! strength is all there + more!

  3. Reserved for week 3-4

    Here was yesterday update 6/13/12 Day 16 and start of week 3

    Yesterday was both a rough day & a good one to. I will start with the rough part.

    Well I had 1 sample packet of PRO XANTHINE 500-XT that had 2 caps, so in the morning I took my 2 caps of reversitol v2 as normal and the about 3 hours "11:46am" later I took two of the PRO XANTHINE 500-XT caps all on a empty stomach since I don't eat till 1pm. Well about 15 min later I was feeling on top of the world really focus and my body kinda felt light, well an hour after that stuff really kicked in. I was sweating like a mad man, and I haven't even started my workout yet, Well around 12ish I started my workout out as normal, but then this is the part that got rough my whole body felt light, kinda light head feel it was weird, and had to take a little longer rest break in between set. Was feeling not my self at all yesterday kinda felt like I was just stimmed out and on ADD Noting against PRO XANTHINE 500-XT because it does what it was supposed to, but maybe it just not for me. I will give it another go around one day down the road just when I do am taking 1 cap only & 15min later some solid food. PS: cotton mouth was crazy to.

    Ok know the good part.!.!

    Well during my workout strength is up and running solid! My workout was explosives during my sets!

    Squats: 140lbs 5x5 been uping the weight a little bit on these.

    Bench: Was supposed to be 155lbs but I jump it to 185lbs 5x5

    Barbell rows: 75lbs 5x5

    Well after all of that I just laid down and relaxed for a good while since I was not feeling myself. After that little relax time laying down I got up feeling better and time to make dinner and get food in me

    Well I will be upping my calories from 1300 to 2000 cals on my higher volume day and on my heaver compound days I will be upping the cal to 2500 but I will be starting that process slow and working my way up.

    The rest of the days can be found starting on page 7

    Finial Review!

    Well It's that time for that finial review you all have been patiently waiting for! Well I need to start of by just a big o'le thank you to VT & the I-Force reps for this sponsored opportunity, I couldn't be more greatful for this chance into logging for a amazing company!

    Well lets lets hit the subject or Reversitol V2 first, that stuff is a crazy AI any one looking to dry up, Jack up Testosterone production for immediate gains in size and strength, Maximize Joint Health and Libido, along with sick rock hard muscelfullness then this is the product for you! Well enough of the awesomeness and time for some actual real life effects! When I first started Reversitol V2 I took 2 caps AM & 1 cap PM pretty much on a empty stomach, maybe like a few days I did take with food. After about the 3 day I noticed I was more dry with some slight hardness along with some extra bathroom break to pee "personally", just that one encounter + some good libido boost, each day after that I noticed I was more dryer & dryer, hardness was picking up which was just awesome.

    About the second week in things really jump up, I was look leaner & leaner each day but this time hardness was off the chains felt like a brick wall, libido felt like a spidermonkey that just drank a redbull & virgia I was ready for anything!

    Now when the third week apporached I was sooo dry & lean my jaw was dropping I was so excited, pumps also see to have started. More into the third week this is were hardness kinda fluctuated as in some days I was hard some days not, to me it flet like it kinda drop almost like a peak then crashed. but boy was I so wrong.

    Week 4 just started this is were the hardness really shined each and every morning I would wake up really PUMPED & Fully hard for the full day 24/7 felt like a 3000lbs blast door, I also noticed I was more tighter in the chest, bis, and upper back to! Now libido this is were things peak the highest for me, I flet like KING KONG on vigra Not to mention I had BABE RTUTH in my pants hitting home runs if you know what I mean, Ha.

    So Here what you can expect out of this product.

    Libido Jacked Up
    Better daily mood
    better Testosterone + free Testosterone
    Some tightness
    Some strength gains
    Leaning out

    Well Its time for the second part of the subject Intimidate, this stuff is so fuggin amazing in the sleep depertment is almost to good to be true! Well the first day of intimidate was really good I noticed the effects right away in the better sleeep, I do get amazing sleep already, but this made it 2 times better. During that week of intimidate sleep and vidi dreams were just great, was loving ever mintute of sleep, I notice I had slighly better recover with a hit of leaness. Second week if were thing were getting better Sleep was now 3 times better, recovery increase, hardness kinda strated I think, but I was mostly getting leaner.

    Now the start of week 3 o boy this was a wild ride of goodness! Sleep was like a baby that had a full belly of breast milk, recovery was behyond amazing, leaness was a wow factor itslef, Testosterone increase was there some acane along with good strength gains. During this week my dream was inteanse and very clear to remember like I was having the most fuggin funniest dream ever and the next morning I woke up I was laughing my ass off, this is the honest truth.

    Week 4 sleep in now beyhond full effect nice and very deep, waking up refreased and in excllent mood, leaness increased even more, strength gains also went up, libido was high, all in all week 4 was a blast!

    So here what you can expect out of this product.

    Deep Sleep
    Better Sleep
    Feeling refreasched each morining
    Testosterone incress
    libido increase
    strength increase
    amazing dreams

    Now here is my personal gains while on both of those products. While taking both products they had greatly leanned me out in fact I had sick gains and amazing bodyfat reductions. During the first week & 1/2 I gained about 5lbs so I went from 175lbs - 180lbs with about 1/2-1% bodyfat reduction. During the start of the week 2 I decided to do the leangains to increase some bodyfat reduction so during that week I drop back down to 175lbs from the 180lbs but this time I had about a increase bodyfat reduction of 2%. I countiune leans for for about another week before stopping, after stopping I bumped up my caliores intake. Week 3 came around I was still holding 175lbs strong, this time I am leaner then I have ever been also am down about another 1% of BF. Week 4 am just blow me away at the fact how much leaner I am, abs finally made a small apperiacne, more defintion in arm, back etc. This is the week I went down about another 1/2% of bf.

    So the toal end result of this whole run was I was able to mantian 175lbs, but with a total 3 1/2% bodyfat redctuion! So I manitained my weight for a sick recomp!

    As many of you already know my diet was on point along with busting A$$ during my workouts, I did have some bad days yes am a normal person , along with be dedicated to doing cardio every other day + abs, not to metion I did cardio a few days back to back. So all in all I am blown away by my results.

    I would recommend this stack to anyone looking for a sick recomp or lean bluk! I-froce products deliever result!

    Thank you I-Force.

  4. Subbed for the epic tittle! Kill it Marc! Put up some pics yo to compare!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Celorza View Post
    Subbed for the epic tittle! Kill it Marc! Put up some pics yo to compare!
    Haa maybe toward then end am no where ripped like you guys or stacked, but am strong as sh*t tho!

  6. awesome looking log!!!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by MrMarc View Post
    Haa maybe toward then end am no where ripped like you guys or stacked, but am strong as sh*t tho!
    Bro , its all about confidence , I am a tiny guy yet I like to share my progress in my logs , because when you are not where you wanna be , posting this pics helps you get motivation from the guys here and also positive feedback on what to improve or what you are doing right .
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by MrMarc

    Haa maybe toward then end am no where ripped like you guys or stacked, but am strong as sh*t tho!
    He always asked for pics in logs.... Starting to wonder.

    Organ Armor buddy right here!

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    He always asked for pics in logs.... Starting to wonder.

    Organ Armor buddy right here!

    Hahaha this guy xD aaron I just think its the best way to see results and give support yo
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    awesome looking log!!!
    Thank you sir! Anything else needed?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    He always asked for pics in logs.... Starting to wonder.

    Organ Armor buddy right here!

    Haa Ya Buddy!

  12. In motha ****a lol kick ass! I want results! Great set up

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Airborne42 View Post
    In motha ****a lol kick ass! I want results! Great set up
    Thanks buddy! results all day every day! I love my home setup makes its so easy!

  14. In, due to my infatuation with Intimidate. Good luck!
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  15. In! Lets kill it man thats a sweet set up too bro!

  16. subbed ....lets do some epic logging bro, lookin forward to see how this stack treat ya!

  17. Subbed. Always in to keep up with my dudes!

  18. in . should be a good log, and nice set up you have there
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  19. In good luck man
    Use code marms for 25% off also works with IRON LEGION

  20. Quote Originally Posted by allnatural923 View Post
    in . should be a good log, and nice set up you have there

  21. Alright guys remember Log will all be in this first page to make it easy for everyone to find, hence the RESERVED spot! Second and Third spots from the very top post in this first page.!

    Added info. Take a look.

  22. In.... great looking setup you got... log too.. and Aaron never change that avatar lol

  23. Quote Originally Posted by wasme
    In.... great looking setup you got... log too.. and Aaron never change that avatar lol
    She has a Purus Labs tat on her azz.

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  24. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1

    She has a Purus Labs tat on her azz.

    Oh ****!!! Didn't see that Haha my kinda girl. She can Marinate my Meat
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  25. Lol...

    Anyways thanks guys for the support!


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