purus 'stack' marinade/slinshot/d-pol

  1. purus 'stack' marinade/slinshot/d-pol

    had a rough night at work-hot as hell....got off work and stopped at subway for a 6" egg/bacon and cheese sub on whole wheat. ate the sub on the way home, along with 3 d-pol. got home and showered then drank my 1 scoop muscle marinade in 12oz water. headed for the gym-did mostly chest and back on machines with some free weight work, my goal is to become more tapered. after workout i showered and took 2 slinshot and headed home whwer i had my post workout meal that included 50gms carbo's.....if anyone has a better dosing sheme let me know!!!!

    1st impressions-marinade is typical of most mixes that contain bcaa's, you have to give it a few minutes and shake often. taste was nice, i enjoyed it. the ba tingles hit before the energy did, it seemed that the energy was a little slower in coming than a lot of pre's i have tried, but once it came it was a big thumbs up!!! not really a lot of stuff in marinade designed for 'pump', but none the less i got a better than average pump almost right away. imo, it is too soon to say for the d-pol and slinshot.

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  2. d-pol has started to kick in...even during pct my strength continues to increase. marinade tastes good and packs a nice punch, even though as with a lot of bcaa products there are some mixability issues-but it's performance far outweighs the negs. together with slinshot marinade is becoming one of my favorite pre's...

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  3. had a great workout this morning, marinade is doing a great job of getting me geared up for workouts. down 7lbs since i finished my cycle but strength remains the same or maybe even a little higher on some lifts-mostly upper body. really get a nice feel good effect from marinade, i wasn't expecting this and really enjoy it!!!!

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