Rooks Epic return to shred with FRL

  1. Rooks Epic return to shred with FRL

    Gotta say thanks to Royd for the opp to log a beta product for FRL. I ran almost the same compound before (MMv3) so i am going to compare the two different isomers on what the general opinion is on both of them and the effectiveness of the beta isomer.

    Starting Stats-
    5*9, 172lbs

    Initial thoughts-
    flavor- watermelon- taste is great at first, but the longer you hold it, the more bitter it gets. can't complain to much
    mixture- it looks like a suspension, so i do shake it before every dose. not as bad as torem fwiw
    been taking it at 50mg a day for 3 days now. one dose around mid morning snack, second 1hr or so before workout

    Todays workout- all sets even the complexes only had 30-45sec rest in between. Sucked
    Bear complex-95lb,95lb,135lb,145lb,95lb
    db laterals-10lb*15*15*15*15
    db curls-20lb*10,25lb*10,30lb*10

    Stair climber- 20min

    -First workout thoughts- i have noticed that i do get a "focus" after dosing the epic. Nice addition on a conditioning type workout like today. Had a great pump, muscles were full all over. Photos will go up sat

  2. Nice! Pumps are crazy!
    Always open light. It’s not what you open with, it’s what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  3. this morning was leg day

    Squats- warm up sets, then 275*6*6*5*5
    Front squats-135*10*10,185*10*8,225*4
    jump squats-135*12*12*12
    db SLDL-70lb*12,80lb*10,90lb*10,100lb* 8
    iso ham curl-30lb*12*12*12*12
    iso leg exstension-50lb*15*15*10*10
    seated calve raise (toes inward-out-straight)-70lb*15*15*15,115*15*15*15, 140lb-*15*15*15

    -the pump in my quads and calves was crazy. excited what push day will bring tomorrow...

  4. saturday- push day
    side lateral-15lb*15,20lb*10,25lb*10,30lb*8 *8
    incline db-65lb*12,75lb*10,85lb*8,95lb*6* 6

    super sets-
    flat bench-185*10*10*8
    rope exstension-75lb*15,95lb*15,165*8

    incline flye-35lb*15*15*15
    plate front raise-35lb*10*10*10

    giant set-
    face pulls-85lb*15*15*15
    cable flye-30lb*15*15*15
    bw dips-12*12*8

    cardio-15min stair climber

    sunday- pull day
    deads- worked up to 255*5*5*5

    super set-
    pull ups-bw*10*10*10*10
    BB rows-95lb*12*12,155lb*10*8

    rope rows pulled to the chest-90lb*15*15*15*15
    db curls-20lb*10,25lb*10,35lb*10*10

    3 sets
    shrug/farmer walk-90db*15 then walk 50ft 15more reps and walk back

    cardio-20min stair climber

    -NOTES- the pump i am getting now is almost rediculous. painful at times. veins are present 75% of the day. basically whenever i use that muscle the veins show.
    -Aggression- according to my wife, i have been a bit short/less tolerant lately lol.

    going to bump it up to 3 doses starting on wed

  5. You're bumping up to 3 doses? Do you mean 3ml's per day? Hmm, interesting. I've actually considered bumping mine up too. Just for that extra edge.. Yeah, the pumps off this stuff are pretty sick!

  6. Subbed. Seems like beta-testers initial thoughts on this are extremely positive. Good luck.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    You're bumping up to 3 doses? Do you mean 3ml's per day? Hmm, interesting. I've actually considered bumping mine up too. Just for that extra edge.. Yeah, the pumps off this stuff are pretty sick!

    yeah 3mL a day. should be fun

  8. Cool, anxious to see how you and Oufinny respond to the increased amount
    Always open light. It’s not what you open with, it’s what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  9. sat- legs

    got to the gym and they close early for the summer now on the weekends. only had an hour so
    squats- 225*10*10*10*8
    overhead lunges-45lb 30ft one way then back. 4 sets
    leg curl-165lb*10*10*8*6
    iso exstensions- 50lb*15*15*15*15

    sunday- upper push
    side laterals-25lb*10*10,35lb*8*6
    incline bench-185*10*10,225*8*6
    incline flye-45lb*15*12*12*8
    SOHP- 90lb*10*10*10*10*10
    a bar pushdowns-165lb*15*12*8*8. nice and slow
    bw dips-15*15*15*15*15

    notes- the increase to 3ml a day has been good. an increase in vascularity/hardness , but not so much in strength. i have had an increase of acne since going to 3ml. no signs of hair thinning/shedding so far.

    sad note- i had a shaking accident where the cap was off and lost quite a bit. got distracted and started shaking to mix it up after i popped the cap off...

  10. i honestly thought i had updated last week. sorry about that. Friday nights i play in a softball league and twisted my ankle pretty damn good so there was no legs this weekend. I didn't make it to the gym in time on sunday so i went monday for a quick push/pull

    db laterals-20lb*10,25lb*10,30lb*6*6*6
    incline db-50lb*10,75lb*10,85lb*8,90lb*6* 6*6

    wide cable rows-185*10*10*10
    HS incline-90lb each side*10*10*10

    db rows-60lb*10,80lb*10,90lb*8*8*6
    machine flye-185*10*10*6*6,135lb*12

    no direct arm work on monday

    this morning- ankle still sore, more push/pull

    incline bench-95*10,135*8,185*8*8,205*8*6
    db rows-65lb*12*12,85lb*10*10,95lb*6*6

    cable low row-215*8*8*5
    face pulls-95lb*15*15*15

    db curls-20lb*15,30lb*10,35lb*6
    rope pushdown-115lb*10,160lb*10,190lb*8

    called it done and went to work.


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