My first log ever, and first cut! (OG Dexaprine)

  1. My first log ever, and first cut! (OG Dexaprine)

    Stats: 6'0 180 lbs Roughly 12% body fat (will take pics in the next few days, will need help attatching them though)

    Experience: All of the USP Labs lineup, NO Explode both versions, C4, Diff creatines, BCAAs, the staples...

    Fish Oil
    Joint Supp
    Thermogum (for that extra boost for the gym)
    (Will pick up some BCAAs soon)
    And of course, 100% Whey protein powder(which tastes delicious btw!)
    And anything else I will add if I'm forgetting anything

    Expectations: At first I'll prob get up near 190 because creatine puts on roughly 7-10 lbs on me of water in a week, then hopefully cut down to around 8-10% bodyfat with as much muscle mass and strength as I can spare

    Routine: FST-7 going 5 day split with each day having morning/afternoon cardio(alternating) with a protein shake.

    Day 1: Package with dexaprine and thermogum showed up. Popped half a cap of dexaprine and piece of thermogum and headed off to the gym. Cant remember the stats currently but will post them starting day 4. Dexaprine and the thermogum gave me a nice clean energy feel which didnt die down until about 9 o clock at night, no crash. Hit the gym pretty hard but no increased sweating or body heat.

    Day 2: 1 cap dexaprine at 6 am. Fasted cardio did ellipitical for 15 min HIIT. Good solid clean energy throughout, cardio was a breeze. Lifted legs FST-7 style, cant remember stats. Effects didnt subside until around 3pm.

    Day 3: 1 cap dexaprine at 6 am. Again, nice clean smooth energy. Today is a rest day, going to my grad night trip to magic mountain so I'll be up all night tonight, planning on taking another dexaprine to keep me up for it. Should be fun, working chest tomorrow and I'll be sure to update. (on a side note, this product makes me very thirsty, and good appetite suppression. I have the ability to resist cravings ((non existent)) but I can still eat when I need to)

    Any recommendations guys? Or anything I forgot?

  2. in for this, can't believe i didn't see this. everything looks pretty good bro, let me know if you have any questions on anything
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