AI Sports Magic Matcha - a refreshing iced green tea review

  1. AI Sports Magic Matcha - a refreshing iced green tea review


    AI Sports Nutrition: Magic Matcha

    sinlesss at AI was kind enough to send me out a tub of their new MAGIC MATCHA to try out. I'm an avid matcha drinker during the summer so I was stoked to try this out. This is the first matcha I've seen made available by a sports company, and I'm excited to see it become more readily available and talked about.

    My first taste of this was just in cold water. My tub didn't come with a scooper so I measured out the serving size on my scale and dumped it in a mug full of water. Mixability was not great, but that is with any matcha powder - so it didn't really bother me. You have to mix pretty fast or shake pretty hard to get rid of the bubbles of matcha that do not dissolve. I mix mine with a spoon, and usually there is a clump that gets stuck on there that I have to break up with my finger. This time was no different, but again, I'm fine with it.

    I received the sweetened flavor, but honestly I don't think it is sweet enough. I threw in a packet of splenda to make it sweeter. If you like green tea like at the japanese restaurant, which is basically tea without sweetener, then you will like this flavor. However, I enjoy my green tea a little sweeter, especially cold green tea. So with the 1 packet of splenda in it it was great.

    The matcha has a very refreshing taste, up there with the matcha I usually drink (some chinese brand from amazon, it has no english on it so I don't even really know the brand). Next time I will try it with milk added - adding milk makes matcha taste a bit like green tea ice cream, which I love. Also I'll be making a matcha smoothie out of this stuff eventually, a la the shake at Jamba Juice. THAT is where matcha really shines.

    I'll report back!

  2. can't stop drinking it. So refreshing.


  3. Thanks Allieninja! I made Sun Tea with it today. It rocked!
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