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  1. The last and 5th day of my experience with dexaprine didnt get updated and I am so sorry , I had done it from over my phone and thought it had sent :S! Sorry I'm retyping it as of right now:

    It was a Saturday , and it was Bench Press day , now I am the kind of person that usually only sweats in 2 worokouts mostly , squat day and deadlift day, with occasional wetting of the shoulders on OH Press day...But never been a Chest day sweating person unless I really go HIGH volume , drop sets-supersets-low rest time kinda workout. This day was the one where Dexaprine took me by surprise , I usually do my warm ups on the bar with fairly light weight mostly working up to 125lbs or so with 10-12 reps of 4-5 sec negatives and explosive movement with wide grips , to then switch to regular bench pressing for workout sets with medium grip and explosiveness only when feeling c0cky or with a chick nearby.
    By the time my last warm up set was done I got up from the bench and it had my silhouette printed on it in a nice coating of sweat! This was just the first time it surprised me , but where it shone brightly was in my drop-sets for weighted dips. I'm usually beat by the time weighted dips come around and simply do straight heavy sets , but the pump and sweats I was getting were marvelous and I just kept pushing it to sweat out even more , by the time my triple drop set of BW+50X10 -> BW+25x10 -> BWx15 was gone I was a pool of sweat and still had energy to do my triceps pushdowns.

    This concludes 5 days of trying the NEW Dexaprine. My final words on it , and as it can be proven by my documented experiences throughout the 5 days I tried it , is that it is milder on the stim side , yes indeed it is , but I found it BETTER with the Clean Energy it provides, it is just wonderful how I did not once felt laggy or groggy on the evenings like I used to. Energy I would say lasts me around anywhere between 10-12 hours , jitter free and focus-enhancing power indeed, as for the apetite suppression I find it kinda lasts around 6-8 hours for me , but that is more than enough since I took it and trained around 7am and by 12-1pm is meant to be my IF Fast break , and it still lets me eat without feeling full , though one day I did push it back around 2 hours for I really wasn't hungry at all , and eating that much with Lean Gains can be quite hard if you are not hungry.
    Compared to the OLD Dexaprine I give this NEW one a 9.5/10 , reason for not being a 10 its because I AM Highly stim tolerant and I'm not sure if I would develop an easy resistance to this good effects it presents , and it is far better than the 8/10 I gave the old dexaprine , the cracked out Feeling I had from the OLD one was kinda bad sometimes. I really Enjoyed this one VERY much and think its by far the best OTC Fat burner on the market now that the 1,3 ban has closed upon us.

    Will I be buying the New Dexaprine? Definitely , I would recommend anyone doing so , specially since it did drain the water and weight out of me during a recomp , which is where I find most Fat Burners lack power , on the Recomp scheme , just imagine this , if the New Dexaprine is THIS effective on a Recomp , just how effective will it be on a Cut? I imagine pretty solid as it does provide , clean long lasting energy , long lasting apetite suppression and a HUGE thermogenic effect.

    Thanks to Vaungh and iForce for letting me sample this , and again I apologize I had uploaded this from my phone on Saturday , but I guess it didn't go through and I did not check it until today.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  2. Awesome man! Glad you like this better than the old version!!! Gives a lot of us hope. Mine got lost in the mail, so I have yet to try it


  3. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    Awesome man! Glad you like this better than the old version!!! Gives a lot of us hope. Mine got lost in the mail, so I have yet to try it

    Damn Mike :S maybe Vaungh can send you another sample? I definitely loved the new version , very complete formula and really amazed me in all the aspects I evaluated it from . Great job iForce and really congrats on another winning product!! Now on to the release of Compete! I'm sure its gonna be a huge success!!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  4. Awesome final review brother! New dex will get your body temp up for sure! I was sweating my ass off during my 5 day sample pack!!



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