Dexaprine Review

  1. Dexaprine Review

    As floating around the forums and realized I never officially posted my own review of this.

    Sorry, don't shoot me.

    Down I the point, this product was interesting for me. I took 1 pill at 8 am everyday for 1 week.

    Energy: 5/10
    Really didn't notice any increase in energy on empty stomach or with food, I did give it a 5 because i felt that when the evening was rolling around I felt a decreased urge to take a nap.

    Focus: 10/10
    Awesome focus, during class and at work I was zoned in hardcore, got everything done and then some. Awesome just awesome

    Appetite Suppression: 10/10
    I tend to take the Dexaprine before my 6 eggs in the morning, and I felt like I didn't need to eat until around 1-2pm so 5-6 hours after dose. I'm a very hungry person generally so this was a shock.

    Thanks iForce for the samples, of anyone has questions let me know, this was v1 obviously, just wanted to clear that up.
    Always willing to learn :D

  2. glad you enjoyed the samples bro, be on the lookout for v2 should be out soon, and its even better than the old formula
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  3. Awesome review man, glad you liked!
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  4. That's great that it focused you in and kept the hunger away. Interesting that you didn't get a kick from it though. What is your usual stim intake?

    The new one does hit a bit harder, either way.

  5. V2 smokes V1 just wondering if you ever tried to breaking the caps in half and taking them? I notice the energy effect were more pronounced by breaking the seal (so to speak)




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