Cutting log with AE, AB, Reduce-XT & EC (unsponsored)

  1. Cutting log with AE, AB, Reduce-XT & EC (unsponsored)

    I'm hoping that this log will keep me focused & motivated so that I can finish my cut off right. I have been making great progress with EC, Alphaburn, and Reduce-XT & am excited to try out Anabeta Elite as I tried the original and responded very well to it. I feel as though my total cals seem a little high for a cut, however I have been making progress with these numbers and will drop them accordingly. I will upload before & after pictures, weigh in on Monday mornings (fasted), & will try to update on all training days with weights used and calories consumed. I have about 2 weeks left of AlphaBurn & Reduce-XT, a brand new bottle of Anabeta Elite, and plenty of EC, EGCG, Ginkgo, Leucine & SNS Creatine Monohydrate. This is my first log so I'm open to any suggestions and/or criticism. I weighed in at a peak weight of 217lbs in early January and have been cutting since with Intermittent Fasting. The past 3-4 weeks I have been working out fasted (5g Leucine preworkout), and haven't noticed any detrimental effects on my training.

    About Me:
    Been lifting for about 6 years, but have refined my diet and training a lot within the last 2. I am 5'9", 21 yo, and 192lbs @ ~12-14% BF

    Maintain LBM while approaching 9-10% BF

    I plan on continuing the following routine for the next 4 weeks:

    Training days: ~2900 total cals - 35% Protein, 25% Fat, 40% CHO = 255gP, 81gF, 291gC
    Non-training days: ~2000 total cals - 35% Protein, 40% Fat, 25% CHO = 180gP, 91gF, 128gC

    Will be getting the majority of my calories from:
    Lunch meat, eggs, cottage cheese, fat free yogurt, brown rice, olive oil, & Myofusion (Strawberries & Creme).

    Training days: (All times are approx.)
    (8am) - On waking: 200mg/25mg EC, 1 Reduce-XT, 1 AlphaBurn, 120mg Ginkgo, 125mg EGCG
    (12pm) - 4 hours later: 200mg/25mg EC, 1 Alphaburn, 125mg EGCG
    (4pm) - 4 hours later (30 mins preworkout): 200mg/25mg EC, 1 Alphaburn, 2 Anabeta Elite, 120mg Ginkgo, 5g Leucine, 5g SNS Creatine
    - LIFT -
    (5:30pm) -
    Post-workout: First meal consisting of 50-75% daily calories, 2 Anabeta Elite
    (7:30pm) - 2 hours later: Last meal consisting of 25-50% daily calories, 6g Fish Oil
    (11-12pm) - Pre-bed: 1 Reduce-XT

    Non-training days: (All times are approx.)
    (8am) - On waking: 200mg/25mg EC, 1 Reduce-XT, 1 AlphaBurn, 120mg Ginkgo, 125mg EGCG
    (12pm) - 4 hours later: 200mg/25mg EC, 1 Alphaburn, 1 Anabeta Elite, 125mg EGCG
    (4pm) - 4 hours later: 200mg/25mg EC, 1 Alphaburn, 1 Anabeta Elite, 120mg Ginkgo, 5g Leucine
    (7:30pm) - First meal consisting of 50-75% daily calories, 2 Anabeta Elite, 5g SNS Creatine Monohydrate
    (10pm) - Last meal consisting of 25-50% daily calories, 6g Fish Oil
    (11-12pm) - Pre-bed: 1 Reduce-XT

    Monday: Flat BB Bench Press, Incline DB Flies, Weighted Dips, Straight Bar Pushdown
    Wednesday: Deadlifts, Seated Rows, Pullovers, Weighted Chins, Seated DB Curls
    Friday: Leg Curls/Leg Extension (SS), Squats, Seated Calf Raises, Military Press, Seated Lateral Raises
    Most of these sets are done following RPT.
    Current maxes are at:
    Bench: 325lbs
    Squat: 365lbs (really wanna work on this)
    Deadlift: 455lbs

    Will mostly consist of LISS, may throw in some HIIT swimming on the weekends as I see fit. I try to stay active while in the fasted state through work / recreational activities. (Disc golf being my favorite)

    Gunna officially start on Monday (5/21) since I just finished off a semester of school and I need a weekend off to go out and enjoy life. All that being said... LETS GET THIS SHIZ STARTED

  2. So just a short update for today.. decided to lift with my friend who wanted to leave 20 minutes after we got there so I didn't get much done. Weighed in at 196lbs today.. a lot heavier than I was expecting but the 4lb different is likely a combination of switching scales and water weight. Will be using this scale for the remainder of the log for consistency.

    Not much to add at this point, had decent focus and motivation but the whole weekend was low carb for me so im gunna carb up today and try to get some solid sleep tonight. Hopefully I can go harder for legs and shoulders tomorrow.

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    This was taken this morning on an empty stomach
    (Will try to add a couple more pics tomorrow)

  3. Today was Legs and Shoulders

    DB Shoulder Press:
    30 x 12
    70 x 10
    60 x 10
    50 x 10

    Seated Lateral Raises:
    12 x 10
    15 x 10
    20 x 10

    135 x 12
    225 x 10
    325 x 4
    275 x 6
    225 x 10

    Leg Extensions (holding at top for 10 seconds each rep):
    80 x 12
    100 x 12
    140 x 12

    Leg Curls (holding at top for 10 seconds each rep):
    100 x 12
    160 x 10
    220 x 6

    Didn't get to do any calf work today unfortunately

    50 x 25
    90 x 10
    90 x 8

    broke my fast at 5:30 (post workout) with some fat free yogurt, and a chicken, turkey, and pepperoni wrap. Had some more turkey + chicken later and finished off the day with a couple of peanut butter and almond bars for an approximate total of 210gP, 180gC, 70gF
    ~ 2200 calories

    Overall a decent workout. Switched gyms since I've been home from school and not too happy about the equipment available but what can ya do. Gotta say the vascularity from ABE is real, I have never seen so many veins in my shoulders during the workout I had today. Energy and focus were good as well. I will try to get some cardio in tomorrow and then it will be chest and tris on friday.

  4. Ran 3 miles today, excellent focus and motivation is up. Still fairly early in the log but so far so good!

  5. Keep it up!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by gmanall View Post
    Keep it up!

  7. So yesterday was probably the best workout I have had in a long, long time. Felt great in the morning, lots of energy and motivation so I decided to do some cardio - jogged 5 miles @ 6mph
    Noticed more definition in my abs, delts, and back. Vascularity is great all day, and the increase in hunger and thirst is becoming more apparent.

    20 pushups
    20 pushups
    20 pushups
    20 pushups

    Incline Flies:

    10 triangle pushups
    10 triangle pushups

    Rope pushdowns:

    This was only day 5 and I am already hooked on Anabeta. Was going to invest in another bottle of ABE however after I finish this bottle I will I have been on cortisol control supps (reduce xt + ABE) for 8 weeks so I decided to order 2 bottles of original + 2g PureCAMP-95 to extend this log, the original is also on sale for memorial day so I had to take advantage of that! I have been feeling GREAT this week and I have to give credit where credit is due. Honestly am dreading the day I have to come off Anabeta, this stuff is the real deal. I hit 325 bench today even though I was fasted and ran 5miles before hand. Also got BW+115x6 for dips which is a new PR!
    Cant wait to see the changes in strength and body comp over the next 2 months

  8. Yesterday and today were off days. Decided to switch back to a DC training routine as I noticed my workouts are lacking true structure. Starting tomorrow my workouts will be:

    A Workouts


    • 1 Incline bench presses 11-15 rest-pause
    • 3 Flat-bench barbell presses 11-15 rest-pause
    • 5 Hammer Strength chest presses 11-15 rest-pause


    • 1 Military presses 11-20 rest-pause
    • 3 Medium-grip upright rows 11-15 rest-pause
    • 5 Smith machine shoulder presses 11-20 rest-pause


    • 1 Close-grip bench presses 11-20 rest-pause
    • 3 Lying triceps extensions 15-30 rest-pause
    • 5 Weighted dips 11-20 rest-pause

    Back (Width)

    • 1 Wide grip pullups 11-15 rest-pause
    • 3 Front wide-grip pulldowns 11-15 rest-pause
    • 5 Close-grip pulldowns 11-15 rest-pause

    Back (Thickness)

    • 1 Deadlifts 6-9 9-12
    • 3 Rack deadlifts 6-9 9-12
    • 5 T-bar rows 10-12

    B Workouts


    • 2 Barbell drag curls 11-20 rest-pause
    • 4 Seated dumbbell curls 11-20 rest-pause
    • 6 Machine curls 11-20 rest-pause


    • 2 Hammer curls 10-20
    • 4 Barbell wrist curls 10-20
    • 6 Cable reverse curls 10-20


    • 2 Leg-press toe presses 10-12
    • 4 Machine donkey calf raises 10-12
    • 6 Seated calf raises 10-12


    • 2 Lying leg curls 15-30 rest-pause
    • 4 Sumo leg presses (feet high and wide, press with heels) 15-25
    • 6 Seated leg curls 15-30 rest-pause


    • 2 Squats 4-8 20
    • 4 Hack squats 4-8 20
    • 6 Leg presses 4-8 20

    Monday Wednesday Friday
    Week 1 1A 2B 3A
    Week 2 4B 5A 6B

    Will be doing Abs with Cardio on Tuesday
    Thursday, Saturday and Sunday will be cardio only

    May have to swap a few exercises out depending on availability of equipment, will update as needed

  9. Weighed in at 194.8, tried to lift but I got EXTREMELY sunburnt at work yesterday so I couldn't do a whole lot. Gunna take tomorrow off and hopefully lift wednesday assuming the ample amounts of aloe vera im using helps at all..

  10. Been a while since an update, been very busy with work and moving so I haven't had much time to get online. Workouts have been great, hit 385x1 on squat Friday which is a new PR! Energy and mood have still been good, vascularity is still kicking hard as well. Weigh in and lift tomorrow hopefully this crazy week hasn't taken a toll!

  11. Subbed..........wanna see the results lmaoo, are you going to keeping track of your strength for the end?

  12. I will be tracking strength primarily in the form of 1rms, however if I hit something noteworthy or see any loss of strength I will update on that as well. I seem to be leaning out fairly well but I do notice a bit of bloat from what I can only assume is the forskolin. I just placed an order for 2 bottles of original Anabeta and 4g of pureCAMP-95 forskolin so I should be in for quite the ride over the next 8 weeks!

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    Got about 2 weeks left of the Elite, but once that runs out I should be set for a while. Longer update later after I lift


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