San Tight Extreme Reloaded 6 week weight loss

  1. San Tight Extreme Reloaded 6 week weight loss

    I am going to start (tomorrow) a weight loss/tone up plan using San Tight Extreme Reloaded. I was inspired by sawa3 on this forum.

    age: 38
    height: 5'6"
    weight: 147 goal weight: 132
    waist: 31.5
    hips: 36.5
    thighs: 24.5

    Plan: for 6 weeks I plan to use San Tight Extreme Reloaded (1 cap a day and if need be, increase to 2 a day). I will be doing cardio 4-6 days a week; mainly Insanity, trail running/hiking and spinning. I will also do light weights a couple days a week and OF COURSE stretching and/or yoga once a week. My calorie goal is right around 1470 calories a day
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  2. so, today is the day. My supplements should arrive today. I hope they do because I feel like a little kid at Christmas and I am ready to start! I will be busy other wise. The kids have soccer and I will do some Insanity Cardio today.

  3. The weekend was busy since my husband was gone. It was just me and the kiddos. I did insanity core and recovery
    Saturday and today Monday. I took Sunday off. I started the tight extreme reloaded and it took a couple days to
    get used to it. I feel great today! Cant wait to weigh myself on Saturday. Doing the tough mudder in september
    in Tahoe and this should get me in great form.

  4. in4 epic fatloss log!

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