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  1. AI supplments

    I got my free samples from AI last week in the mail. First I'd like to thank the company for making great products and giving out free samples. The maniac in both flavors were great. I had good pumps and energy throughout my workout. I started drinking it about a half hour before the workout and it help me through. The recover pro is a great product and the lemonade taste is awesome. I took the hgh pro last night and slept great. I do pre calorie cardio in the morning and lift in the evenings. I do a lot of olympic style and have a problem getting to sleep. This seemed to help, but with only one night, it's hard to tell. Overall, I'm very impressed with these products.

  2. Nice review man!! Thanks.....

  3. I tried the Maniac today and enjoyed it. The ingredients are pretty thorough

  4. Thanks for the review bro, did you use only one serving of maniac? I tried the sample, but it didn't seem to do much for me… maybe i need 2 scoops.

  5. I used one packet. Contributing factors--I'm on the third week of a stim break but started clen two days ago.
    I took it w some daa. I felt great.

  6. Ok i gotchya, so what exactly is DAA? I know it's d- aspartic acid, but i haven't taken the time to look it up… what's it do? i've heard it's more harmful than beneficial for people under 18?

  7. Yeah cause it's a test booster.


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