1969 Sizzles his Middle with Alpha-T2 + DCP + EC (with PICS)

  1. 1969 Sizzles his Middle with Alpha-T2 + DCP + EC (with PICS)

    Firstly I'd like to thank myself for purchasing a bottle of Alpha-T2. That was really cool of me.

    42 y.o. Male. 211# as of this morning. 10% BF.

    MY GOAL: Drop two points of BF and get to 8%. The real objective is to get a mean looking torso. I've been running EC with DCP for a couple of weeks and that has been working great. Why fix what ain't broke? I love to experiment and have been reading great things about Alpha-T2 and want to give it a try.

    MY ROUTINE: I'm going to do a 5/3/1 Boring But Big. I bought Wendler's e-book from his website and am eager to get going. It's my first 5/3/1. Will be using the 90% modifier on my 1RM's (which are inferred from my 5RM's via algorithms in the book)


    This here is the target of my wrath. That's my abdominal pinch with calipers. The reading looks 13mm but that is because I am not getting a good pinch (I'm holding a camera with my pinching hand). The REAL reading is 14mm. That puppy was 16mm on April 14, so we are moving the in the right direction. I've taken this measurement hundreds of times, so I am pretty sure I am hitting the same spot with each measurement.
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    Here is Before Front (10% BF):
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    Here is 'Over the Shoulder' Before. Sorry could not get a good back shot with my iPhone. It's good enough I guess:

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    The first dose of Alpha-T2 was taken on May 15. However, I' am including my first two 5/3/1 workouts for my notes.

    Let's go!

  2. MAY 10,

    PWO: 2 Scoops Craze; 10 Pills Hemavol; EC.


    SET 1: 105x5
    SET 2: 115x5
    SET 3: 125x6

    SET 4: 75x10
    SET 5: 75x10
    SET 6: 75x10
    SET 7: 75x10
    SET 8: 75x10

    CHIN UPS: 5 X 10

    This workout was a moderate challenge, but I stuck with the numbers as recommended and got the heck out of there.

  3. MAY 13,

    PWO: 2 Scoops Craze; 10 Pills Hemavol; EC


    SET 1: 265x5
    SET 2: 305X5
    SET 3: 350X5

    SET 4: 205x10
    SET 5: 205x10
    SET 6: 205x10
    SET 7: 205x10
    SET 8: 205x10

    Damn this was brutal. I've never done so many Deads in one session. My forearms were on fire. For sure Deadlift days is going to build up my grip. The next exercise was supposed to be Hanging Leg Raise, but I couldn't even tie my shoes after that, so I bolted.

  4. MAY 15,

    PWO: Alpha-T2, 2 scoops Craze, 10 Pills Hemavol, EC


    SET 1: 185x5
    SET 2: 195x5
    SET 3: 225x6

    SET 4: 135x10
    SET 5: 135x10
    SET 6: 135x10
    SET 7: 135x10
    SET 8: 135x10

    KROC ROWS: 5 x 10 @ 70# Been years since I did Dumbbell rows. Was laughing at myself for being so out of breath at such a light weight. Only one way to go...up!

    HANGING LEG RAISE: Tried to make these up from 5/13. Could only manage 5x5! Great exercise...I just need practice.

    DIPS: 2x25

    Normally after my workout I am craving my Monster Milk protein shake. Today though, my appetite was totally smoked by the Alpha-T2 (my guess, anyway). I could only choke down about 2 oz of shake. Unheard of! My workout was a 7am and I had no interest in food at noon, and I'm usually craving lunch by then. By 2pm I finished my shake. I wonder what my intake will be by the end of today. I am guessing 1700, which is insane.

    Tomorrow: Squats.

  5. MAY 16

    Yesterdays dosage of A-T2 was 2 pills PWO and 1 late afternoon. My cals were 1900, which is way too low for me, but it was all I could manage to choke down. I weighed in this morning at 210.6, down from 211.8, which shocked me. I had been cruising along at about 1/2 pound or so per week. Will chalk this reading up to lost water weight and will keep an eye on it.

    Also noticed this morning the faint beginnings of a striation between abdominals to the left and right of my navel. This jumped out at me because I've never seen this since I was a teenager, yet there it was! My end goal is in sight...once I get down to 8% bf I can drop the fat burners and attempt to maintain naturally (and utilize the A-T2 on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas...the unholy Trinity of Abdominal Doom!)

    Today I am dropping the dose of A-T2 to one pill PWO and one at 3pm. Why take more than I need, right? I look forward to seeing what happens.

  6. MAY 16:

    Stepped down to 1/2 dose of A-T2 for my PWO. Also added 2 scoops Pump-BOL, and EC.

    3 Sets of Warmups
    SET 1: 155x5
    SET 2: 185x5
    SET 3: 205x8

    SET 4-SET 8: 125x10

    SEATED LEG CURLS: 2x10 110#; 3x10 130#

    The legs were pretty toasty after Squat Day. Not used to this kind of volume on Squats.

    Still could not take in a shake after my workout with 1/2 dose of A-T2. One hour after working out started feeling hungry and had my shake then. I know: misses my window. Shoulders tomorrow.

  7. MAY 17,

    WEIGH IN: 211.0 I should have only one pound to go to get to 8%. Depends on how much muscle I lose on the way down.

    PWO: 2 cups Kashi. 2 Scoops Craze. 10 pills Hemavol. 1 pill Dexaprine. Thought I would push the A-T2 to lunch and have a Dex for my workout. Totally forgot that Craze should not be mixed with stims. I feel great now...but the two together is really too much after 90 minutes from ingestion. Felt kinda high. Both are amazing products...just don't stack em!

    SHOULDER DAY: Week #2, Big But Boring. Start with 3 sets of light warmups.

    Working sets: Military Press
    SET 1: 3 @ 115#
    SET 2: 3 @ 125#
    SET 3: 3 @ 140#

    Cutting calories has definitely produced some weakness in my lift. I would have been able to put up at least one more rep at 140# if I wasn't cutting, if not a fifth.

    SET 4-8: Big But Boring. 10 reps @ 75#. Felt the burn on the 5th set!

    CHIN UPS: 5 sets of 10.

    DIPS: 4 sets of 25.

    Door to door in one hour. I like the short but sweet format of 5/3/1. Facing my dreaded deadlifts this weekend.


  8. MAY 19,

    Pushing the A-T2 to after my workout so I can get my calories in. Made a big difference in my energy level for this workout. No weigh in.


    SET 1: 5x165
    SET 2: 5x205
    SET 3: 5x245
    SET 4: 3x295
    SET 5: 3x335
    SET 6: 3x370

    SETS 7-11: 10x205

    HANGING LEG RAISES: 9/5/3/5/3

    DIPS: 25/25

    Wow, what a difference a week made doing Big But Boring on my grip strength. After last Deadlift day my grip was fried. After today my forearms were sore, but I could manage the Hanging Leg Raises. I was impressed with my improvement. Doing deads in volume is a great way to kick up my grip. Next Deadlift Day I am shooting for a PR!

  9. MAY 20,

    Had a big breakfast and pushed the A-T2 to post-workout. Will stick to this protocol as it just works better for me in the gym. I just can't eat with A-T2 in my system.

    No PWO today.

    BENCH PRESS (Week 2)

    SET 1: 105x5
    SET 2: 135x5
    SET 3: 155x3
    SET 4: 185x3
    SET 5: 205x3
    SET 6: 235x7 PR
    SET 7-11: 135X10

    SET 1-2: 70X10
    SET 3-5: 75X10


    I really responded well to switching out the Barbell Rows for Kroc Rows. Last week I was winded by them, this week I was noticeably stronger. I upped the weight to 75 and finished them solidly. Felt very good. SQUATS on Tuesday.

  10. Keep it up bud

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Est1969
    MAY 13,

    PWO: 2 Scoops Craze; 10 Pills Hemavol; EC


    SET 1: 265x5
    SET 2: 305X5
    SET 3: 350X5

    SET 4: 205x10
    SET 5: 205x10
    SET 6: 205x10
    SET 7: 205x10
    SET 8: 205x10

    Damn this was brutal. I've never done so many Deads in one session. My forearms were on fire. For sure Deadlift days is going to build up my grip. The next exercise was supposed to be Hanging Leg Raise, but I couldn't even tie my shoes after that, so I bolted.
    Kept it up! Deadlifts are my favorite and I typically do 6-8 sets.

  12. MAY 22,

    WEIGHT IN: 212#. Yikes, and up to more that 11% BF. I'm going the wrong way! It is what it is. I was away from home this weekend and that makes for dietary challenges. Now I have 3 points to lose!

    About halfway into my Intimidate run (back in April or so) I was getting alot of comments about my physique. This weekend I was getting chatted up again about what I was up to. I guess the 5/3/1 is kicking in! Personally I don't notice it, but even my masseuse made some comments yesterday and she knows my muscle structure even better than I do. I'll take it...it pushes me harder.

    PWO: 2 scoops Craze, 10 Pills Hemavol. Finished yet another bottle of Hemavol and have a tub of powder on the way. No more blue pills for me!
    Pushed my AT-2 to post workout as I don't like the stim feeling during my workout. I am very sensitive to this sup.


    Squats are clearly not my strength, but they are my favorite exercise. You would think that I could do more weight given the size of my quads, but it is what it is. I can say is that I take those puppies all the way down to my calves, which nobody else at my gym seems to do. Bunch of 315# 1/4 squatters there. I know it's none of my business, but for some reason it bugs the crap out of me to watch other guys squat (or whatever that exercise is called).

    SET 1: 95x5
    SET 2: 120x5
    SET 3: 140x3

    SET 4: 165x3
    SET 5: 195x3
    SET 6: 215x7 PR Very tough to squeeze out the 7th rep for a PR. I think I had an 8th in me but I pussed out.

    SET 7: 125x10
    SET 8: 125x10
    SET 9: 125x10
    SET10: 125x10
    SET11: 125x10

    SET 1: 110X10
    SET 2: 110X10
    SET 3: 110X10
    SET 4: 130X10
    SET 5: 130X10

    My legs were really toasty after this workout. About 45 minutes all in and I hit the road, feeling good.

  13. MAY 24,

    WEIGH IN: 211#. Reversing the damage from last weekend. Taking frequent photos is valuable because I can see the effects of having a "lost weekend". No regrets...eating what I want for a weekend takes to edge off and sets me up for 2 steps forward with my 1 step back.

    PWO: 2 AlphaT2 early morning and a 10am workout. at 930 I had: 1 scoop Craze, 1 1/2 scoop Hemavol. Cut back on the Craze due to the AT2

    Starting Week #3 of Big But Boring 5/3/1


    SET 1: 60X5
    SET 2: 75X5
    SET 3: 95X5
    SET 4: 115X5
    SET 5: 130X3
    SET 6: 145X3 145 has been my max for reps on this exercise. On Intimidate I got up to 4 reps, so I am catching up while off Intimidate!

    SET 7: 75X10
    SET 8: 75X10
    SET 9: 75X10
    SET 10: 75X10
    SET 11: 75X10

    CHINUPS: 5 x 10reps

    DIPS: 4 x 25 reps

    STANDING BARBELL CURLS: 100x4 The Hemavol had my biceps bulging after the chin-ups, so I kept the fun alive by doing some curls. My arms were rock hard. Good stuff.

    Deadlifts next!

  14. MAY 25:

    PWO: 1 scoop Craze, 2 scoops Hemavol. Late workout. Had 2xAT2 for breakfast.


    SET 1: 165x5
    SET 2: 205X5
    SET 3: 245X3
    SET 4: 310X5
    SET 5: 350X5
    SET 6: 390X2 PR!!
    SET 7: 205X10
    SET 8: 205X10
    SET 9: 205X10
    SET 10: 205X10
    SET 11: 205X10

    HANGING LEG RAISE (BW): 10/9/8/6/7 PR

    PR'd on my Deadlift Set 6. On my way to 8 plates. Next week is a deload week, so will attempt it after that. My grip has improved dramatically. Did all my sub 315 sets with an overhand grip. Set 11 felt toasty, but not fried. Was able to do Hanging Leg Lifts after, which is a huge improvement.

  15. JUNE 2:

    Weigh in: 210. Pretty amazing that I've gotten my weight down to 210 given that I've been eating whatever I want.

    My plan now is to stop the Alpha T2 and see if I can maintain 210 with my normal EC DCA stack.

    No doubt in my mind that AT2 is an extremely effective weight loss tool. If I have any complaint, it is that I don't think the ingredients are precisely dosed in each pill. Given the nature of T2, I think precision dosing is of paramount importance. I say this strictly based on my personal experience. Most doses provide the same experience, but I would say that 10% or so of doses delivers a strong, uncomfortable reaction. It feels like my body is running fast and hot, along with rapid heart beat.

    I will continue my 5/3/1 progress in the workout section. Let me know if you have any questions about my experience with AT2.



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