iForce Extravaganza

  1. iForce Extravaganza

    First off, big thanks to Vaughn and the guys over at iForce for sending me out a sample pack that included Max Intense/RVC and Vanilla Mint Protean.

    Here we go:

    Red Velvet Cake Protean: Excellent flavor. Very nice in milk as well as in pancakes. Mixed very easily, thicker texture. This is a good thing I feel with the flavor (which they nailed by the way). I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great tasting protein with a very nice profile as well.

    Vanilla Mint Protean: Another hit. A nice rich vanilla flavor with the hint of mint. For some people I could see them wanting more of a mint flavor, however you could always add a little bit of mint extract or other mint flavored product to boost that. I feel iForce went in the right direction with this as it gives some flexibility in flavoring. Personally, I found this was my favorite Protean flavor. Mixed very easily as well.

    Maximize Intense: Good clean energy. No crash. Mango Peach Tea is one of the better tasting preworkouts I've ever had as well. If I were to rank the flavors of MI personally: Peach Tea > Raspberry Lemonade > Fruit punch. It will be interesting to see how the new formulation works out once 1,3DMAA is removed (and with the new addition). As far as the current incarnation, I was a big fan.

    All of these were great supplements and definitely worth a purchase.
    Thanks again to iForce, keep producing quality supplements!
    Controlled Labs Warder
    Powercage [at] controlledlabs.com

  2. Solid review. I want more mint flavor myself, but I agree with you that the current strength is better for the product.

  3. Thanks for the review Allan... It seems like what you're saying is you really like the products and you appreciate the time and effort that was put into formulating our new products!
    iForce Nutrition Representative
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  4. <3 your abs

  5. Quote Originally Posted by StackedCop
    <3 your abs
    Me 2 <3

  6. awesome reviews and glad you loved all the products
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