Compound 20 full review!

  1. Compound 20 full review!

    Compound 20 Full Review

    *What did I expect from this product?
    -Enhancing my hypertrophy goals
    -Enhancing my strength goals
    -Prevent fat gain

    *What didn't I expect from this product?
    -Fat loss
    -Vascularity Increase (veins that were not there before or veins that were thin and now thickened)
    -Keeping me anabolic (keeping a full appearance, better nutrient partioning)

    *What was my goal / phase during this cycle?
    -Bulking without any additional fat gain

    Alright lets get down to it!

    -I can honestly say within 2 weeks of this product I noticed everything this product claimed to deliver, muscle growth, staying anabolic, and.....FAT LOSS. This is a VERY POTENT FAT BURNER! Im going through hard times so my diet / food selection isn't the best, this effect really shocked me. My training / macro intake is structured so I would be in a growing phase, so I knew this product would only enhance my growing goals, not to mention the GDA effect is very noticeable, some GDA's out there you don't even notice a significant effect....Compound 20 you notice this stuff works within 1-2 weeks of use. (body recomp effects are very noticeable!)

    Heres a rundown on effectiveness

    *WEEK 1
    -Expect your motivation to go through the roof....placebo? Im not one to get excited from taking supplements, as im skeptical on everything I try, so no placebo here.
    -By the end of the week strength starts to shoot up
    -Slight leaning down effect is present after 1 week

    *WEEK 2
    -Your pumps will be out of this world....a different pump than if I were just to take a "pump" supp like a agmatine based supp, which isn't bad!
    -Your strength will continue to go up, and im not talking about a 5 pound low as a 10 pound pr as a minimum on every exercise
    -Vascularity starting to show even more because of the body recomp effects

    *Week 3
    -Pumps are retarded and instant.
    -Strength is in retard beast mode. Seriously....ridiculous...
    -Veins that were present are now thicker? Awesome.
    -Fat loss occurring
    -Muscles staying full 24/7, glycogen resynthesis enhanced big time with C20! As a natural, this is HUGE!

    *Week 4
    -Week 3 all over again.....

    -I typically trained first thing in the morning, I would take 2 caps with my carb/pre workout shake, then the next dose 6-8 hours later with a carb based meal. What kind of carbs? Look....glucose is glucose. Check out my Insulin Sensitivity article and you will start to love white potatoes / higher GI carbs! Just had to get that off my chest for all you Low GI queens.

    -The GDA effect will make sure your nutrients are going towards your goals, when your nutrients are going towards your goals your food will aid in the following.....
    *Fat Loss
    *Muscle Growth

    -Energy was very well increased even on my dreaded off days from working out

    -This was very very present! lol Some days I could just go on forever! Which for my goals isn't the best thing to do, I try to keep my workouts short and intense, I always have to remind myself that I have to hold back if I want to keep taking steps forward. Im not doing any kind of sports but im sure if I did, this would aid big time.

    **Who do I recommend this for?**
    -Anyone looking to enhance strength
    -Anyone looking for a potent fat burner!

    Overall 10/10

    Why a 10? Because USP Labs marketed this with "questionable" claims......BUT THEY DELIVERED! This supplement is truly a great "all in 1" supplement, I want to run another cycle!

    Big Thanks to Strategic / USP Labs!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  2. Good review and I agree very good product!
    PEScience Representative

  3. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    Good review and I agree very good product!
    Thanks Pimp! Yes it is a very good product!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

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