Insane Energy with Dexaprine!!!

  1. Insane Energy with Dexaprine!!!

    I was one of the lucky few that was chosen to try the 5 samples of Dexaprine. iForce, you guys definitely knocked this one outta the park!!! The samples were late getting to me, due to moving right after the offer. The mail finally caught up w/ me & I finally got to try these amazing pills!

    I got off my night shift Friday morning @ 6am. I took the pill @ 5:30. By about 5:15, I was getting warmer & definitely more amped up. By the time I clocked out, I was friggin wired!!

    Normally, I'd go home & catch a short nap to enjoy my day. Instead, I went to my father in laws shop & worked on a couple of trucks till around 9:30. After that, I went home & welcomed my parents to the house. They drove their Harley all the way down from MI.

    We hung out all day & then went to my father in laws for a crawfish boil. Around 9:30 that night, I think I finally started shutting down.

    The energy from these pills is some serious stuff!! I looked these up on Nutra, & saw that these are basically a 2 month supply for the price of one!! Helluva deal iforce!! Will be ordering a full bottle of these upon finishing this review. Never once did I get the jitters. It was a clean rush of all day energy. Remember, I had been up since 4:00pm Thursday!! I stayed wide open all day Friday! My appetite was also down quite a bit too! I can already see myself dropping the lbs quite easily on Dexaprine!

    Great job iforce & thank you for the samples! You guys' have been putting out some seriously good **** lately!!!

  2. This has been getting great reviews. Thx for the input big man!
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  3. Thanks for the review! One bottle lasts me a looooong time

  4. just saw this, great review!!!
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  5. awesome review! glad you enjoyed them so much and congrats on the move OP be sure to grab the old formula of dexaprine while you can, not sure how much longer it will last with 1,3 being banned. but definitely be on the lookout for the new formula
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