So this is my first review and I figured since I read/use everyone's review, maybe I should contribute. So for you who don't know, Image Sports is a brand only carried by *** at the moment. I'm usually not in favor to trying out new brands but why not give them a shot.

Effectiveness: 8/10
Because this is my first review, my scaling/ratings might be a little off. I honestly saw huge gains in strength and size. I would have to say every 1-3 times I benched I put on 10 lbs. I know I probably don't put up as much as most people but for me that is pretty good. While I was taking Test 7, I was on my bulking stage. I was taking Re-Built Mass by *** and Test 7 by Image Sports. Because I was taking a hyper-mass gainer, I can't give all of the credit to Image Sports. In my opinion, and I will get a lot of raised eyebrows for this, I felt I had better strength and size gains than the Prime and Pink Magic stack.

Value: 6/10?
Sadly, as much as I love this product, I have to give them a lower grade on value. $70.00 at regular price and $56.00 at the gold card price for a 28 day supply seems a little pricey. BUT, because I did get size and strength gains... I would have to say I am leaning towards Test 7 rather then the Prime and Pink Magic stack. Pink Magic is around $50.00 - $55.00 and will last you anywhere between a month and a half and two months which is a great value. But if you are looking for size gains, I recommend stacking it with the Prime which runs around $56.00 with a gold card. Prime will last you about a month. So roughly around $80.00 for the stack versus $56.00 for the same results in one pill.. I'm sticking with Test 7.

Taste/Dosage: 10/10
What can be better than one pill a day? Nothing. This played a big factor in my choice of Test 7 over Pink Magic and Prime. 6 - 12 pills a day versus 1 pill a day. You do the math. Another thing is that there is no nasty burps like you get with Prime.

Sides: 10/10
None that I experienced.

Overall: 8/10
Honestly, after taking this product I am beginning to trust Image Sports. I have taken a few samples of Alarm which is their featured pre-workout and enjoyed it. I am thinking about buying a bottle of it in the future. I heard a little about Dexyfen which is their thermogenic and didn't hear the best reviews about it. Hopefully I will get around to trying a bottle in about a month when I start my cutting phase. What I am really excited to try is the BIG Stack that they offer. It includes Test 7, Alarm, and a product not sold in stores called Muscle Agent. Hopefully one day between car payments and other bills, I can afford this. About to start my second bottle of Test 7 soon!

Please post any advice on how to make my reviews more effective/useful. Thank You. Aloha.