IForce Red Velvet Cake Protean

  1. IForce Red Velvet Cake Protean

    Sup everybody !
    Well got home from work today and their was my package from www.wouldntyouliketoknow.com.

    The contents 2lbs of Iforce's new protean flavor Red Velvet Cake or let's just say RVC.

    You can find out the ingredient list and profile online so I won't waste any time.

    Cool looking tub ! Actually fits better on my shelf than most others.
    So I crack the tub and pull off the white inner seal and it comes off perfectly !! No white paper and crap shredding off , no residue on the lid. I'm going off a bit on this one but it pisses me off pulling all that crap off the container. I'm always paranoid I'm drinking shards of paper plus it always gets stick and collects crap so this made me happy .

    Smell - 10 very light not a hint of chemical or anything artificial .

    Mixing - 10 slam dunk here. I took one scoop in 8 0z of skim and shook it about 10 seconds and it was fully dispersed.

    Taste - 10 ! This stuff is really good . One of the best qualities it's not too sweet. I get sick of sweet proteins really quick(combat powder anyone ). No aftertaste in RVC but if you sip it instead of the usual urge to chug your shake down you get the nice cake taste . No stomach issues either . It's digested very well.

    This is go to stuff ! I have not been this impressed since I started using trutien.
    You alternate between this and vanilla mint swirl and your golden.

    IForce is really killing it lately putting out some great products.Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1336096315.725472.jpg
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  2. Huge review! Try it 1 scoop/4oz water for best thickness/flavor
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  3. Awesome review! Vanilla cake batter in Greek yogurt is still my favorite

  4. awesome review bro, if you liked it this much in 8 oz, 1 scoop in 4 oz or 2 scoops in 8 oz = winning taste and texture. thanks for the positive feedback
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by StackedCop View Post
    Awesome review! Vanilla cake batter in Greek yogurt is still my favorite
    it doesnt clump when you mix



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