Taurus WYKED (sample)

  1. Taurus WYKED (sample)

    Thanks to lukehayd for packaging up and sending out some WYKED samples from his own personal stash. This is one if the few pre workouts that I previously hadn't had the chance to try.

    I took both samples (2 scoops) about 20 mins before getting to the gym. They were a lemon flavor and mixed up nicely. It had a good taste especially for a pre workout supp and I enjoyed drinking it. I started feeling the energy creep in at about the 10 min mark. It continued to intensify at a steady pace and reached its peak right when I got the gym. The energy felt very clean and smooth which is something I look for in a pwo. When the effects were at there highest it provided a good amount of additional focus and I was in the zone. Both the energy and focus were constant throughout my time in the gym. I was able to get in a solid shoulder workout and had improvements with the majority of my lifts. I didn't experience any crash hours later which is another plus for WYKED. Overall I would consider this in my top 3 pre workout supps I have tried. I'd like to get a tub and be able to give 2.5-3 scoops a shot. 2 scoops definitely did the trick but I want to try playing around with the dosage and find my sweet spot. Thanks again lukehayd for going out of your way to send these out.
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  2. Another solid review! Thank you!
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lukehayd
    Another solid review! Thank you!
    No problem. I really enjoyed it.
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