DJBeanPole Kickstarts His Cut With PES AlphaT2!!!

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  1. Almost 500 people have viewed this so I wouldn't say no one's following along. Sometimes people just don't post much in logs for whatever reason. Anyways I'm adding Methyl-Synephrine to my Alpha T2 starting tomorrow so I'm curious how that goes!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Chee View Post
    Just because people don't post doesn't mean no one is watching, but keeping this for yourself - there is nothing wrong with that either.

    As far as results, sounds like things have been going brilliantly for you.

    And yes, shorter time between eating and training can help re pump, especially if you've had carbohydrates. Your training was also done with reps that are likely to elicit a pump. And if you use a preworkout, some products can help with too.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy DCP and Erase Pro. Small observation from having used both Erase and Erase Pro: Erase seems to work better for leaning, although Erase Pro should work fine as well, provided everything else is right for you for it.

    Awesome stuff on the PRs Keep going hard!

    Thanks Rosie! As Geoforce just pointed out I guess I never realized how many views this actually had !

    I woke up at 2:15PM (I work nights) and took my AlphaT2, TitaniumXL, Green Tea, and RK. Had myself a 6 egg omelette (3 whole/3 whites), some ketchup, 1 whole wheat english muffin, and 2 cups Kashi Go Lean Honey Almond Flax Crunch with 1 cup 1% milk. Took some Na-R-ALA prior to eating, and then my vitamins right afterwards. Folded some laundry/packed up for the weekend and about 30 minutes after I took my pre w/ pills: 2x Hemavol, 1x Maximize Intense, 3g CM, 10g Creatine Mono mixed with 20oz. water and swallowed some beta-alanine and 2x Anabeta Elites. Alllllmost thought about taking Craze and giving it another chance this time with Hemavol but skipped it. Perhaps tomorrow. I still have 3 tubs of it but also have 2 unopened tubs of Maximize Intense !

    I have used OG Anabeta and regular Erase as well. It was actually my first log ever and it gave me outstanding results. I'm looking forward to seeing what Erase Pro can do for me and see what DCP is all about. Just ordered some Orange Triad, Super Cissus, and some more Agmatine from Synthetic Supps since I'm about to run out of my little Primaforce tub.

    Tomorrow for chest I'm thinking about doing more DB work than barbell because I won't have a partner/spotter. Hmm... perhaps 80 or 85s?!?! We shall see. Depends on how well I sleep I suppose. The fiance's bed is just god awful for my back but I'm at work tonight so hopefully I'll be tired enough to just not care!


  3. You know I'm always following there sour puss! :-D. I'm just shy is all... ;-). You are doing an amazing job and I love seeing people with ALMOST as much drive as me. ;-).

    Best shape of your life can't beat that!
    PES Representative

  4. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    You know I'm always following there sour puss! :-D. I'm just shy is all... ;-). You are doing an amazing job and I love seeing people with ALMOST as much drive as me. ;-).

    Best shape of your life can't beat that!
    Almost as much drive eh? Ah Ah! I love getting in there and smashing the weight. I went in very mentally prepared today. When I had 315 set up and was taking a break from the previous set I just stared at the weight and told myself "you've already lifted this. In your mind, you're finished. This weight was easy. You've already got it." Bent down, positioned my hands, did a sweet ass bounce a few times and picked that ****er up and down 5 times and told it to kiss my ass! Did the same thing with 375 !

    Deadlifts are by far my most favorite lift of all. Especially because I have so much more distance to travel than everyone else.

    Can't wait to get done doing this cut, get married, shock the wife at the progress I've made, and come back and do a clean bulk with what we had talked about in PMs L2L !

  5. Awesome man! You know I'm just playing with you! You kick ass in the gym!
    PES Representative

  6. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    Awesome man! You know I'm just playing with you! You kick ass in the gym!
    Its all good man. Just wish I had a training partner that was equally as motivated

    Bolded items represent a breakthrough, either PR, new record reps, or new record weight

    DB BENCHPRESS: 40x15,15 85x10 70x12,11 40x8 for burnout

    DB INCLINE PRESS: 60x10,9,6 40x5

    DB PULLOVER: 45x12,12 finally figured the form out to get a good stretch on this one

    DB FLYS: 15x12 25x12 then to the machine 105x12, 120x12, 90neg x9

    DIPS: BWx12,8

    SKULLCRUSHERS: 70x12,12

    TRICEP KICKBACKS: 20x12,12

    CHOKE PRESS: for a good chest finisher 95x15,15

    Mmm Mmm Mmm I walked out of there all puffed up and cut up. Looking real good in the mirror. Its nice to see my physique now when I'm doing my reps. I can see striations everywhere! Wish they stuck around when I wasn't mid rep though. Felt great today. The scale said I weighed 230??? But this is a different gym from the scale I usually use so who knows what that is about.

    Off for the next day or two. Out of town for a wedding.

    Stay tuned,


  8. Wow, seven breakthroughs in 1 workout ! Great job man. Enjoy the few days off. You deserve it !
    I started a new log at:

  9. And I'm back! Wedding was great. Attempted to keep the diet as clean as possible but there weren't that many alternatives to what was available to me. So with that in mind I figured today would be a great day in the gym. I essentially carb loaded all weekend and with the meal before the workout. The drive from northern Indiana to home near Indianapolis took about 2.5hrs so most of the gastric emptying was done before I got into the gym. Popped my usual assortment of pills/preworkotus and tried to talk myself out of doing legs and doing shoulders instead. That didn't go over well... I just wish I had the right shoes when I got there because I felt some weight shifting when I was squatting. Today was a record blowout and I'm proud of myself.

    Anything in bold is a new record either by weight, reps, or both.



    SQUATS: 135x5 175x10,10,10

    FRONT SQUATS: 105x10,10,10

    LEG PRESS: 225x15 365x10,10,10

    STANDING CALF RAISE: 120x20,20

    GLUTE-HAM RAISE: BW+25x12,12

    HAMSTRING CURL: 120x12,12

  10. Whole bunch of PRs! Nice work!
    PES Representative

  11. Shoulders in about an hour. On the hunt for more PRs.


    BB SHOULDER PRESS: Was actually shocked at what happened here. The first set seemed extremely light so I moved it up. Was only expecting to go up by 5lbs each workout day for each exercise... not the case 80x15 85x10,10

    DB SHOULDER PRESS: Unfortunately the BB press zapped all my energy for the DBs but I still managed a good first set 55x8 50x10,10

    SHRUGS: 135x20 (BB), 80x12,12 90x12 135x20 burnout with barbell

    STRAIGHT ARM RAISE: 30x10,10 felt so light!

    LATERAL ARM RAISE: 25x10,10

    REAR DELT FLYS: 10x15,12 followed by machine 135x12,8 75neg x8 ouch!

    UPRIGHT ROWS: 80x12,10,8

    REAR DELT PULLEY RAISE: 20x8,8 wish they had a 25lbs selection here its either 20 or 30 and 30 feels too heavy :\

    Ended with an upright row burnout using just the barbell for 18 reps. Got a nice pump in at the end. Felt really good today. Came home feeling extremely swole!

    Tomorrow is an off day! Enjoy the holiday everyone !

    Stay tuned,


  13. BACK/BIS

    DEADLIFT: 135x15 225x12 275x10 315x6 380x1 I knew 380 was possible after I popped 315 for 6. The weight felt amazing light today and came up extremely fast. No back pain or pressure. I'm beginning to approach a problem with heavier weights due to grip over anything else. I'll either need to get some straps or at least use chalk when I reach 4 plate range, which I hope happens at least by July. If I increase the weight by 5lbs each week I should hit 405 in 5 weeks... I ALMOST thought about putting another 5lbs on and going again but I was a little strapped for time because the fiance came with me and was doing an aerobics class Was nice to throw 380 up though. Had a few eyes on me watching. I liked that. Had a trainer helping two other guys doing deadlifts and overheard him say that deadlift/squat sucks for tall guys because we have so much further to go. I was shaking my head to that. Definitely the truth.

    T-BAR ROW: 45x20 70x12,10,10 I think I prefer bent over row to this but I'm rotating them around so we'll see.

    ONE ARM DB ROW: 65x10,10,10 left arm definitely weaker than the right. Need to start with left each time from now on.

    SEATED ROW, WIDE: 105x12,12,10

    DEADHANG PULLUP: BW-105x10,10,10

    CLOSE GRIP PULLDOWN: 140x12,8,8

    DB BICEP CURL: 35x12 40x9

    HAMMER CURL: 45x8 35x10

    Finished up with some captain's chair abs and angled weighted sit ups. Felt pretty good. Today will actually wrap up the end of Alpha T2 (as well as Anabeta Elite). I will be doing my closeup of this log probably tomorrow. Will include final tallies on weight (loss v. gain) as well as final pictures.

    Stay tuned,



    I'm sure most of you are in here looking for the before/after pics so I will post those up now and get that out of the way. Then if you'd like you can continue to read my opinions on this supplement and the pros/cons (lol cons?).

    Front Before:

    Front After:

    Side Before:

    Side After:

    Back Before:

    Back After (not quite the same pose and blurry ):

    Unfortunately no one was home for me to take any other pictures so you're just going to have to go with what you see.

    Alpha T2 works, and it works very well. Throughout the whole month of May I stuck to the dosing regiment as listed on the bottle (2,1) with the exception of the final day because for some reason I had an extra pill so I did 2,2.

    Side effects: I only noticed some slightly within the first one to two days right after I started my dosing. I refer to it as the "yohimbe-buzz" or "yohimbe-brain" because it gave me this really weird feeling that felt like the time I took Yohimbe Fuel. It made me feel very light headed, somewhat like I was going through an out-of-body experience. I felt very disconnected. It was like being drunk without actually having consumed anything. This only lasted for a few minutes and only was there for the first few days. It was quite unexpected, yet it was also a welcome experience because I knew that the supplement was kicking in and was working. My body adjusted and things were fine.

    Expected results: I knew I was going to be losing some weight and that was what I was anticipating. When I started taking Alpha T2 I weighed in at a hefty 235lbs which for me was quite heavy actually. I typically hover in the 220-225 range (yes, I know that at my height I can weigh much more and still look fine ). If you go back and look at my log of this product I believe within the first few weeks I actually cut about 10lbs and I think the lowest my weight got was about 222 or 223lbs, which for me was amazing. Everyone here wants to know what my final scale weight was on the last day, and wouldn't ya know it I actually gained and went back up to 230lbs.

    Unexpected results: I leaned out considerably. I began noticing the leaning out process after the left side "wall" of my abdomen came into view. Usually the right side is easily visualized, but this time the left began to make an appearance and that is something I have actually never seen before. I also noticed that I was losing some weight out of my face. There is no longer a little bulge under my chin, my jaw has become more defined, and my cheeks have sunk in a little bit. The best unexpected results though is the retention and ADDITION of muscle mass which is typically unheard of during a cut. I believe that this explains the reason I lost ten pounds right away (fat destruction!) yet I continued to make impressive gains in the gym on ALL lifts (not just compound) and was able to actually add muscle mass. This is also very visual to me. My biceps are actually showing signs of a little peak when flexed and they appear much larger than before. My shoulders have never looked so big before and I noticed that t shirts are starting to fit more snugly around the chest and shoulders, and are feeling looser/not touching my skin as much around the midsection.

    This product was fantastic for helping me achieve my goal of slimming down and "kickstarting" my cut that I have planned for this summer in order to help me achieve my goals at surprising the hell out of my fiance during our honeymoon. I would like to thank PES for allowing to me log such a wonderful product. It works, and I'm proof of that.

    I'd also like to thank those that have followed this log. Without many of your comments and inspirations I would not have been able to achieve the goals I set forth for myself. I find that I have a much bigger drive and yearn to succeed when my peers are there pushing me every moment.

    This concludes PHASE 1 of my cut. I will now be moving on to PHASE 2. So please... follow along!


  15. Damn bro , fugging nice job! Mid section looks definitely slimmer and more noticeable definition on the abs! Good job and solid review bro!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  16. Thanks man. I wish the pictures were of better quality though. I feel like I can't quite capture on camera what I can see myself in the mirror. The abs look great and there is a definite V-shape going on that travels towards the crotch. My fiance has shoddy lighting in her bathroom but its all I had to work with.

    Here is the link for the new log: DJBeanPole Begins CUT PHASE 2: Erase Pro + DCP (unsponsored)

  17. Thanks for the detailed review!

  18. Nice photos and review!
    EvoMuse Products Rep

    PM me with any questions!


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