Recently my wife and I picked these delicious little chewies up while on vacation in Colorado. I decided to write a review because we were both pleasantly surprised with them.

FLAVOR 10/10
I was very surprised at how good these tasted! The watermelon flavor was fantastic, very palatable.

ENERGY 8.5/10
I am pretty stim tolerant, and only took a serving of 3 each time. I did feel a boost of energy, but it takes quite a bit to get me going these days lol. My wife said they gave her plenty of energy.

We were staying at about 8,600 feet, and are used to about 300. Needless to say we were sucking wind even going up stairs lol. We did however go on quite a few several hour hikes to well above 12,000 feet. We both noticed an increase in endurance over taking nothing, especially considering the gain in elevation. I also got quite a nice quad, glute, and calf pump going!

OVERALL I give it a 9/10, and would recommend these to anyone! They are great for on the go, to just carry around with you.