Iforce Protean Flavor Review

  1. Iforce Protean Flavor Review

    Recently got some samples of both vanilla mint swirl and Red velvet cake "Protean" courtesy of Iforce, thanks guys.

    Red Velvet Cake

    This was the first sample I tried. I mixed one scoop with some milk in my magic bullet. The consistency was good, it wasnt too thin, but not too thick. I cant say i've ever had a "red velvet cake" but the flavor certainly tasted like what i imagine it would be. It wasnt a very overbearing taste, it didnt leave that nasty protein after taste you get from some lower quality powders. Definitely a good, but subtle tasting protein. One thing i noticed is that after i burped it gave a weird "milky" taste in my mouth.

    Vanilla Mint Swirl

    This one is different, and my personal favorite. The powder is offwhite-greenish in color, so i expected it to taste kind of like mint chocolate chip ice cream, minus the chocolate. The "mint" part is very very light. I'm normally not a fan of "mint" anything but gum, and this is perfectly fine with me. It sort of tastes like eggnog with a light mint aftertaste, surprising to say the least given the name of the flavor.


    I dont want to give these flavors an arbitrary number on a 1-10 scale, because to me its either "good or bad". These are both "good" tasting proteins in my opinion.
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  2. great honest review and glad you enjoyed both samples
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