My interesting mistake with iForce RVC protean

  1. My interesting mistake with iForce RVC protean

    Well this morning I received my 2 free samples of RVC protean and 2 free samples of vanilla mint along with 4 samples of Hemavol and 4 samples of Max intense (mango is good stuff omg) well this is my take on the Red Velvet Cake protean....

    I've been lifting 5 years now and tried tons of proteins both cheap and go to was always ON whey protein and I've tried tons of flavors...I also tried a cheap brand of banana protein well I will never try banana anything every again that stuff was nasty...ok back to RVC

    Taste 10/10 this stuff was crazy! Now I did make a mistake...not sure if I'm on to something or not but I use a filter for my water and I just got done washing out my shaker with hot water and was so excited to put the water in my shaker I ended up with very warm water in my RVC shake....since I've never tried it with cold it's hard to compare but I feel the warmth of the water really made the cake flavor taste like a warm piece of cake! Fantastic!!!! The only protein I can compare flavor wise is a protein I bought when I was around 19 and tasted great I just can't remember the name though I remember it had real chocolate chips in it which made the sugar content 35 grams per scoop lol prob not something I'd want dispute the taste haha well I'm putting my order in for RVC at the moment...iForce you guys are awesome thank you so much for the samples....tomorrow will be the vanilla review which should be interesting since I'm not a vanilla fan but I will be honest as I am with everything

    Ps give the warm water a try iForce reps and let me know what you think
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  2. I also gave my Hemavol samples to some new lifters at the gym since they always ask about my iforce shirt....most them think no xplod gives good pumps I lold n said just wait
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  3. Epic review and a good mistake to make! Im going to try some baking with it when I get home
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  4. So guess I have to buy a tub of vanilla mint swirl to lol this stuff is crazy....I'm really interested in the strawberry cream if anyone has any review on that I'd be interested...I really want to buy a third I just am not sure of what flavor to get....overall hands down iforce this stuff is the ****...also the two guys I have Hemavol samples to asked me where and if it's legal to buy bc it's not sold on bb dot com lol I said yes it's legal haha and hooked them up with nutraplanets site...they ate a banana like I told them a little before the Hemavol and the one guy said his arms hurt from the pumps and he loved it haha so I hope you will get a few more thanks again Vaughn for the chance to review this protean
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  5. Glad you loved both flavors, and will have to try the warm water idea, even though I usually cook/bake with my protein powders pretty often.

    The strawberry is awesome, and I'm not even a fan of fruit flavors. It's got a great creamy, strawberry milkshake type taste and texture, hands down the best strawberry I've tried
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  6. Nice review man.
    Can't wait to try the flavors.
    If VMS & RVC are like people have been describing then damn we are lucky.
    Pissed that UPS didn't leave my iForce pkg.
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  7. Interesting!! Im planning on blending mine with 1/2 cup cottage cheese to make a red velvet cheesecake!!! Im hoping it will taste the same as the cheesecake factories!!
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  8. ruh oh!!!!!! warm/little hot water mixed with RVC!!!! why didnt we all think of this before!?!?!

    btw...gonna try this with Vanilla Cake Batter and Chocolate Truffle


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