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  1. I had a great workout today, I changed up the timing of the c20 and I like it much better.

    I was originaly taking the c20 and erase pro in the morning with the last meal before I slept (i sleep during the day) and then I would wake up at 4 pm and take the oep and t2, walk the dog and take my pwo.

    Now when I wake up I am taking 1 c20 and 2 oep and t2 with my pwo before the gym while fasting and it is a much better schedule. I have much better workouts.
    I did chest and tri and I had amazing pumps, more vasculature coming out in my chest and shoulders..

    I am now down to 214 and I feel great, my abs are showing through now and I am seeing more definition in my shoulders.
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  2. I have some cool news!
    Before I started taking the stack I am on I did a ph cycle and it was a long cycle, 8weeks on and four off, during pct I was not feeling very good so I had my lab work done an found out I was shut down bad...
    My levels are as fallow's

    Name Testosterone, TOTAL

    Standard range > 220- ng/dL

    2/17/2012 206

    4/3/2012 <50

    6/1/2012 .....523

    Name ...LH

    Standard range 1.0-12.0 mIU/mL

    4/3/2012 1.8

    6/1/2012 4.2

    Name FSH

    Standard range 1.4-18.1 mIU/mL

    4/3/2012..... 4.5

    6/1/2012...... 7.7

    As you can see since I started the erase pro my test, LH has increased, I am very happy with this news and o will be using it as a part of my pct from now on...
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  3. Good work


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