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    Day 60. Well, its a sad day now that my cycle is over but its been a great success. I finshed 60 days on Erase Pro with the first 30 using DAA and the second cycle using Anabeta Elite. I will post pictures later but here are my overall thoughts and experiences;
    Erase Pro; quite possibly the best supplement of its type I've ever used. I'm differentiating beteween this and other supplements such as whey, creatine, bcaa's etc as they function differently.
    Lets start by saying that I did not experience nor expect "steroid-like" effects. If I wanted those I would have taken steroids. I was consistent, dedicated to my workouts, diet and sleep. If you want the aforementioned, then these products are not for you. Nothing comes easy and body building is testament to that. I gave up bread, pasta in February and instead ate white rice, brown rice, chicken, tuna, oats, whey, veggies, fruit, whey, peanut butter and almost no dairy and ZERO alcohol ( for over a year) I have 2 jobs, a working wife, 2 small kids and a house so I am not sympathetic to those who complain that they dont have enough time. I joined a gym near my office back in September of 2011 and they have multiple locations throughout my state, with reciprocity. I drive 500 miles per week for work and carry my gym bag in case I cant get to my home gym which is near my office. If I have to go on the weekends I go before my kids get up and get home by the time they're eating breakfast. Most importantly, I have an understanding wife that accepts my lifestyle and gives me some leeway. See where I'm going with this? Taking a pill was the easy part of this whole process; the rest was sheer determination.
    Mind you, I did not increase cardio to any great length nor decrease calories, carbs.

    Price- I paid about $50 for EP and feel it was worth it. 10/10
    Strength- well, my numbers speak for themselves. Nearly a 100lb increase in my deadlifts and big jumps in all my other lifts. 10/10m
    Libido- I'm 38 and things change after 25. This stuff did not decrease my libido and, if anything, increased it. Even my wife has noticed my drive. 10/10
    Recovery time; I'm able to hit the weights harder each time and the DOMS I typically experience has drastically increased. I also did not experience the joint soreness that others had and was careful to take both fish oil and ginger extract supplements.
    Increased muscle mass- while I don't have precise measurements I can say that every muscle in my body, especially my traps and back increased in size. So did my legs. 9/10
    Fat loss: This was not my primary goal. I knew that in order to increase my arm circumference by 1 inch I would need to increase my body mass by 10 pounds. Well, my arms grew and my waist didn't. Nor did my bodyfat %. If anything it dropped by a point or two. Again, not my primary goal but a nice side effect nonetheless. 8/10
    Dry/Hard: Again, I was not looking to "lean out" per se, but I noticed that "dry" look. Can't wait to try Erase Pro on a cutting stack. 8/10

    Anabeta Elite; Since I only ran this for 30 days I feel that I may not have experienced the total effect of it but I will say that it delivered on its promises. I noticed big gains in appetite, thirst, strength, aggression and muscle mass in this period. An excellent product and I would love to run it for 60 days. Paid $50 on a discount and would easily recommend it. 9/10

    So now I'm at a crossroad. My bodyfat at the end of this venture is ~15.6% and my weight is 198. I plan on taking the next 4 weeks off from PH supplements and am trying to decide if I should;
    1.Try to get lean over the next 6-8weeks? If so, any supplement suggestions that won't run interfere with my respite from Erase, Anabeta, etc?
    2. Keep on the same "building" path, minus the anabolic supplements for 4 weeks and then start a 60 day cycle of EP and AE?

    I can't recall the last time I had body fat in the low teens, say 10-12%, and I have a feeling I'll have to start cutting calories and upping my cardio to achieve this based on my 60 experience with the anabolic supplements. I would like to appear more muscular and getting lean is certainly one way of achieving this look...
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for keeping a log of your experience and for your review of these products. Looks like you had an awesome run

    Just to be clear, NONE of what you used is a "PH" or hormonal in nature, so there is no need to be "taking the next 4 weeks of from PH supplements", as you never used any (not that I am recommending using any - I am not).

    What you do depends on what is most important to YOU. Only YOU can make that decision and what anyone else thinks should not matter. do what is going to make YOU the happiest.


    "Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose." - Rosie Chee

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