Dexaprine sample review

  1. Dexaprine sample review

    Thank you iForce for giving me the opportunity to try your product. I have 5 days worth of dexaprine that I'll be posting a mini log about.

    Initial serving: I took 1 capsule on an empty stomach upon waking and waited an hour before breakfast. I felt it kicking in about 45 mins later.

    I got good, clean energy without the jitters. I've been focused all day and I haven't experienced a crash yet. The thermogenic effect of this stuff is crazy though. I've been sweating my arse off all day!!

    Overall I'm really impressed with dexaprine so far. I've taken OEP and oxyECA in the past and I would say this tops both of them in terms of energy.

    More to come later!

  2. 5th and final day of the sample packs today so I'm going to give my final review.

    Energy 9/10.. Wow this is some powerful stuff. The last dose hit me just as hard as the first. I didn't give a 10 because it doesn't last quite as long as I'd like it to. I found the extra .5 cap 6-8 hours later was necessary.
    But overall i think Dexaprine is the strongest stimulant fat burner on the market!!
    Also I'd like to note I never experienced a crash which is a huge plus.

    Appetite 7/10.. My appetite was suppressed for the first couple hours after my first dose but this isn't where this product impressed me.

    Thermogenic Effect 9/10.. I found myself sweating like crazy during cardio. Even just sitting in class I was burning up half the time!!

    This is a great product that I'll definitely be using again. I recommend it to anyone that needs a boost first thing in the morning and is looking to shed some bf.
    Iforce produces quality products. I'm just finishing up my maximize intense and hemavol combo an I'm equally impressed. Keep it up guys!!

  3. Nice review man!!! Stuff is very legit I must say
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  4. awesome review and glad you responded well to it OP. if you liked this formula, you'll love the new one hit me up with any questions or questions that are iForce related in the future
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  5. Will do man! Can't wait to try the new formula.

  6. Awesome review!!! Thanks man
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager


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