my erase pro daa review :)

  1. my erase pro daa review :)

    Hey guys and girls he's an honest review from me I've been using pes erase and purus labs daa...

    I've used the original pes anabeta and had bad side which was tiredness so I had to stop wasent sure about the erase pro but decided to give it ago.

    I'm 4 weeks in to an 8 weeks cycle ... I've got no sides from either product...

    I have gained weight my hunger is up using these products and I've gained stretch marks on my shoulders ..

    I'm gonna have to up the cardio abit as I'm going up in pounds I've put on about 6 pounds and I'm a hard gainer some fat though ...

    I would say I've leaned out abit on my abs and chest put a little on my hips but I'm trying to bulk ..

    So 4 weeks to go no massive strength increases no major size but I was feeling shut down before this stack never got horny and never got hardons 2 weeks into this stack I get hardons like crazy I can knock one out and be hard two mins later this deffinatley works so I can see these being a great otc pct for hdrol ...

    Great products I've had average results and its deffinatley got my balls working great work purus labs and pes

  2. Oh and just to confirm I was using erase pro not the orginal erase so I was stacking erase pro with purus labs daa

  3. so you gained alittle fat but stomach leaned out? what daa are u running
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  4. I was using purus labs daa which contains nitrates .. I take 3 capsules and 1 erase pro at the same time everyday an hour before training I would say I've gained little fat but got stretch marks on bicep and shoulders and my hips .. I've had a clean diet however I droped cardio cus I wanted to concetrate on lifting plus I had a couple of birthdays and got drunk and ate crap so I've got four weeks to go will up cardio and not drink for the next 4 weeks ..

    For all the natural products I've used these have worked very well for me I love natural products no pct or sides

    I will do this stack again in a few months with anabeta elite however I'm abit worried about that as the original anabeta didn't respond well with me was like poison I felt so so so tired on it and looked ill while using it not knocking the product its just my body didn't respond well to it

  5. thanks for the review, love Erase PRo!
    doing my own thang!



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