Ok Guys Im starting my cycle today. A little background first, I lifted for about 11 years straight years which was up until about 3 years ago. As you can imagine I gained a lot of weight when I quit lifting. I started lifting again beginning of last summer and went from 248 down to 208 by October. In October I was involved in an accident at work. Essentially I was in a natural gas plant and walked out an elevated door that had nothing on the other side. I fell 7 feet face first into concrete. I messed up my elbow and both my wrist in the fall and wasnít cleared to do any type of exercise until Jan 5th of this year. My weight jumped up to 242 again at about 27%bf.
Since then I have been lifting hard and dieting hard. I am now down to 201 at about 14% as of this morning. I was doing a traditional 6 meal a day diet up into 6 weeks ago when I started doing lean gains. The cycle will last for 45 days when I will be going to the beach. Goal is to get into single digit bf and get stronger. Ok here is the plan


Havoc- 20mgs split into 2 doses for 45 days

DCP- 10 caps a day for 36 days to allow water weight to dissipate. 5 caps in the morning/ 2 before first meal/ 3 caps before bed.

Shift- 4 caps a day for 45 days. 2 in the morning/ 1 at noon/ 1 at bed

Slin Sane- Will be run the full 45 days. on build days 1 cap with 1st 2 meals/ 2 before large post workout meal. On burn days I will take 1 with the meal with the carbs.

Reduce XT- 4 caps a day for 45 days. 2 in the morning 1 at before first meal/ 1 at bed

True Protein Burn- 10 caps a day. 5 in the morning and 5 at noon.

Ephedrine HCL- Burn days only. 4 caps split into 2 doses.

Modern BCAA- 10g every 2 hours during fast while awake and 10g intra-workout

True protein recession whey

Build Days:
4 meals. Will break fast at 2pm.

Meal 1-
8oz Lauraís 96% lean ground sirloin
1 cup of uncle bens ready rice whole grain brown

Meal 2- repeat of meal 1

Meal 3- post workout meal
16oz Lauraís 96% lean ground sirloin
2 cups of uncle bens ready rice whole grain brown

Meal 4- 4 scoops of protein, 4 tbsp of jif natural pb, 3 cups of fat free calorie countdown milk

Whole foods totals:
Calories: 1880
Fat: 48g
Carbs: 156g
Protein: 212g

Liquid totals:
Calories: 965
Fat: 40g
Carbs: 32g
Protein: 130g

Cals: 2845
Fat: 88g
Carbs: 188g
Protein: 342g

Burn days-
2 meals. Feedings are over a 4-5 hour period so fast last as close to 20 hours as I can handle.

Meal 1-
16oz Ribeye steak
1 medium sweet potato
2 tbsp smart balance butter

Meal 2-
9oz skinless boneless chick thighs

Totals for day:
Calories: 1740
Fat: 119g
Carbs: 24g
Protein: 150

Workout- Will be the Greyskull LP. In place of the neck exercise I will be doing shrugs on press days and handstand pushup negatives (30seconds) on bench days. I realize that neither works the neck but they both work the upper shoulder girdle and that is what I am looking for.

For the frequency method exercises I will be doing pushups on my pushup pro stands and doing neutral grip chins, along with Burpees working towards the burpees challenge, the pullup challenge and the pushups challenge that are listed on the strengthvillain site.

As far as expierence goes, I have plenty with prosteroids. I have done multiple cycles of epi, SD, M14add, hdrol, pheraplexx, tren, bold etc and had gotten to [email protected] <10% bf. I know my doses are a little high on somethings and low on others but this is how I want to run the cycle as long as its possible. Only side effect I am worried about is cramping from dcp. I will also be running a simple multivitamin and CEL cycle assist. PCT will be a simple serm, test booster with nettle root, and possibly later in PCT an AI. As far as diet goes I will stick to the timing of the meals pretty much 100%, but I am sure on Saturdays I will sometimes eat different than what the diet listed above calls for. Like today I will not be eating that. Like today is a burn day, I will only eat one real meal but it will be over a 4 hour period because we are boiling crawfish. Im sure I will eat prolly 8lbs of crawfish, regular potatoes, corn, onions etc. What I will do is just pop a couple of slin sane about 20 min before I begin to eat to help with any carbs I eat. The beauty of the lean gains approach is this isnít really a huge deal and I will still make good progress.

Anyways If anybody has any questions let me know and I will do my best to answer them.