PP's AndroHard/AndroDrive - an independent recomp log

  1. PP's AndroHard/AndroDrive - an independent recomp log

    Today marks the end of the first week since dosing AndroHard and AndroDrive at 6 and 3 caps respectively.

    Background: I'm in the process of recovering from a dislocated shoulder (February 2010), so a lot of my training will be done on plate-loaded machines. I still have at least 4 weeks until the doctor clears me for overhead movements (military press, lat pulldowns specifically), so these exercises will be logged and noted as one arm. This will definitely be an unorthodox log.

    Starting stats:
    Age - 23
    Weight - 174lbs
    BF% - 17%

    Aux. supps:
    - iForce Hemavol
    - Yohimbine HCL

    This is my first experience with a PH, or any other anabolic for that matter. I'm aiming for a recomp with emphasis on lowering bodyfat. I've been lifting steadily over 4 years, with my shoulder injury being the biggest hindrance as of late.

    I will post lifting stats this coming Saturday, I'll do my best to keep my posts concise, denoting significant poundage increases as well as mental state, weight fluctuations and overall physical feelings.

    "Before" pictures have been taken, and will be upped sometime around the 2 week mark, or when progress is clearly visible.

  2. Update: I've upped my AndroDrive dose to 4 caps now, and plan to increase to 6 gradually, I'll make note each time it changes.

    Also wanted to mention a few observations:

    - AndroDrive seems to provide a very clean feeling of stimulation. It is quite unlike caffeine/DMAA, in that it feels more like being fully refreshed after a good sleep. This was noted on day 1 of dosing, after I only acquired roughly 5 hours of sleep the previous night. Within a few hours, I was noticeably more alert than I should've been.

    - After my workouts this week, I have noticed a significant increase in vascularity and duration/intensity of pumps. Furthermore, I was following a diet alotting me less than 60g carbs a day, and still managed to add poundage to my leg press.

    - Ironically, my aggression has leveled out, in a positive way. I am naturally aggressive, often times temperamental, which I believed to be an effect of having lower than normal testosterone for my age. Lately, mood has been enhanced and it has become relatively easier to deal with hot situations and people whose ignorance would usually set me off.

    I will be making notes for consistency of these effects over the remainder of the 4 weeks.

  3. Well although I'm not sure of why you would start now and not wait I'll be following

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm View Post
    Well although I'm not sure of why you would start now and not wait I'll be following
    Not sure I understand. Do you mean why not wait until I am fully recovered? I had planned to heal up before beginning the cycle, but over excitement kinda took over. I also know I'm not too far off from being able to lift at full capacity again.

    After weeks of research, and seeing a lot of confident reviews in favor of the Andro series, I took a big jump and double ordered this stack to run a total of 8 weeks at my dosing. However, I will definitely be splitting it into two, separate 4 week cycles, with PCT at the end of each.

  5. Got up at about 5:45am, had 2 scoops of whey, half cup oats, 1 tbsp coconut MCTS, and an apple.
    -Before eating, 6 caps AndroHard, and 5 caps AndroDrive, aiming to get to 6, as I have not noticed any ill effects yet.
    -2 scoops Hemavol PWO

    Saturday, 8:15am: Full Body, 3-4 sets per exercise.

    Routine sampled from AndroDrive's cycle guide. It was actually not to different from what I performed pre-injury, but as I mentioned before, there are a few accomadations I needed to make on certain lifts. I did not list every lift performed. In order to keep these posts concise, and keep tl;dr moments to a minimum. I will be posting stats for the more fundamental compound lifts, omitting isolation lifts like curls, skulls, calf raises and the like.

    Smith Squats - 10 x 140lbs
    BB Rows - 10 x 105lbs
    DB Mil Press (right arm only) - 8 x 50lbs
    BB Flat Bench - 10 @ 135lbs
    SLDL - 10 @ 150lbs

    -Significantly increased time to fatigue, lactic acid burn went mostly unnoticed
    -Pumps and vascularity much more apparent and long lasting
    -Focus and motivation 10/10 (for lack of a better way to describe being in the zone). A really great mindset to be in. All I could think of was how good it felt to be lifting semi-normally again, and the sick results I hope to achieve.

    A satisfying workout in the end, though I had some trouble pinning my left shoulder back for the squats. For sake of safety, I kicked the poundage down a tad, and really focused on TOT to make it count. All other lifts were solid, felt very in tune with each contraction. No real issues to speak of, just taking my time to get back to my pre-injury weights.

    On another note, my left side (injured one) is experiencing much heavier DOMS than the other since this is my first week using it after almost 2 months. Amazingly, this didn't seem to affect my bilateral lifts; I didn't notice my right side dominating in a significant way. My muscles may have atrophied, but they definitely didn't lose the ability to work together effectively, haha.

    I sit here now, enjoying some eggs, spinach, and potatoes, really looking forward to another upper body workout on Monday.

  6. Monday - Upper Body (Currently up to 6 caps each of AHard & ADrive)

    DB Incline Press - 12 @ 55lbs
    DB Rows - 12 @ 65lbs
    DB Mil. Press - 8 @ 45lbs (1-arm)
    Dips - 15 @ BW + 15lbs
    (Omitted aux. lifts - hammer curls, kickbacks, lateral raises (left arm))

    Felt confident about every lift except the incline presses. Found my left arm failing much earlier than the right and screwing with my balance, so I'll be stepping down weight on the presses for the remainder of the week. This didn't seem to translate to the dips, so that's a plus.

    -Libido is up a bit, not uncontrollably, but it does make itself known during the night
    -Vascularity and muscle fullness increased in AND out of the gym
    -Sleep seems better, or at least easier to get, despite how tired I feel today

    As I mentioned above, I haven't really felt completely awake today, really dragging my feet at work this morning. I got ample amounts of sleep the previous night, but I definitely didn't feel as connected as I did on Saturday. Hopefully better news tomorrow (leg day).

  7. Wednesday - Chest, Back & Shoulders

    BB Incline Press/BB Row - 12 @ 115lbs/10 @ 135lbs
    DB Decline Press/DB Shrugs - 10 @ 45lbs/15 @ 70lbs
    Lat Pulldowns/Machine Shoulder Press(1-arm) - 10 @ 175lbs/10 @ 80lbs
    CG Pulldowns/Machine Chest Press - 12 @ 125lbs/10 @ 50lbs

    (Reserved for observations, BRB)


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