I bought a couple of tubs of the Glycemyx beta. I haven't written a review in a long time and did not expect to for this product since it is just a carb source right? Wrong. After taking my first scoop of Glycemyx, I experienced more alertness and energy almost immediately. I thought that maybe this was a fluke, but every time I take it, Glycemyx gives me energy and makes me alert like no other carb source I have tried. My daily carb intake is around 150g to 200g, so its not just additional carbs that are making me feel this way.

The taste is something I actually enjoy but it can overpower protein when mixed in with it. I've been mixing it Lemon Cream Pie UP 2.0 as a MRP in the morning, that shake winds up being very thick but it is a good mix of the purple sweet potato taste and lemon cream pie taste.