Quick and very simple review of Speed Extreme!

  1. Quick and very simple review of Speed Extreme!

    First off I had sample packet laying around the fruit punch flavor and decide to give it a shot before a workout.

    Effectiveness: 10/10. I took the dose about 15 min before workout and then was hit with a massive wave of mental focus and clean energy, was able to do lots of extra reps and sets which is always a + in my boat.

    Pump: 6/7 out of 10. Pump was ok in my boat, but hard to really justify with only one sample packet. pump lasted a good while after workout. Just don't let the rating fool you tho.

    Mix-ability: 10/10. I mixed my sample packet with 8oz of water and it dissolved completely for me no grain or anything! was nice and smooth.

    Taste: 6/10. The fruit punch was hmm, how would I put this lol, it was really sweet and tangy, seem to be really tangy at first followed by a really sweet after taste. Its a good fruit punch, but not the best. It is easy to get down daily if needed, it just that the taste for me was unique.

    Focus: 10/10. This is were this product really shined for me, the mental focus was a WOW factor and it's really hard since words can't describe the felling. For those of you that have been hit buy a supplement hard before will know this feeling. Its a good feeling to! trust me is a WOW factor.! very long lasting focus to which is very crazy.

    I Hope you guys enjoyed this very basic review, Thanks for your time.

  2. nice review.

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