Belated Genomyx Glycemyx review!

  1. Belated Genomyx Glycemyx review!

    So I kinda derped on getting my Glycemyx which I was supposed to log... Damn customs...

    Any ways I'll give some brief points over aboutwhat this product has done for me in the pat few weeks that I've been able to use it.


    It was hard to drink it with water. It doesn't mix/dissolve as easily as something like protein powder.. because it's not supposed to. It's basically like a whole foods product and I'm glad this is coming out to the market. Nevertheless it is tough to mix. No way in hell can you mix this with a spoon Shaker cup/magic bullet is required.

    So using protein+water it was VERY hard to drink. Just has a very floury taste. But by using protein+milk it is actually somewhat pleasant. Mixes fine in a shaker cup and I have no issues drinking it.

    GI issues:

    None to report, I've had some on an empty stomach and some on not such an empty stomach.


    I'd like to take this just for the fiber alone. not only that, but if you are looking for a cheap weight gainer.. BOOM. Here it is. Why use maltodextrim or dextrose when you can use this as your carb sprucer? It's cheaper and healthier for you.

    Also can be used as a meal replacement. Just a very versatile product that I'm glad Genomyx has brought to the market.


    Probably the best carb source on the market. it is slow digesting whihc I prefer and can be used for a multitude of aplications. Good work and thanks again to dsade, Smitty and the rest of the crew. Hopefuly you can forgive me for not doing a proper log in time... if only my head was more clear like an edge I would of been able to do it much earlier... Oh well
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  2. No love Smitty, dsade, or vicesolider? </3

    I guess I was expecting too much from itzDodge
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  3. No mention of lack of love from meeee?!


    Thanks for the review man. I have noticed no mixing problems with an empty 32oz powerade bottle i mix everything in, but I agree it may be difficult to mix with a spoon. I have noticed that if you mix the protein first, then add the Glycemyx, it mixes much better than vice versa or both at once. The taste is quite...purple, isn't it?

    Hopefully more will get to try it soon, it sold out quick as hell, but thanks for taking the time to post this review up!

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