I force Intimidate

  1. I force Intimidate

    I have been using intimade for one week now. So far so good. I have been out of the gym for about year do to injury as of now im about 205 and want to get down to about 190. Its hard to say how much the product has helped being I took so much time off but im already getting back to may old self. everything has been going great.sleep has been badass. I will let everyone know how it goes thanks.

    Ps. The pic was taken on my second day on intimited will post more
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  2. Good luck with your goals! You have a pretty solid frame to work with, can't what to see the up coming weeks!

  3. awesome! Thanks for starting this log! The more we get from end users the better.

    So far you say you've noticed some "badass" sleep...can you explain more of what you've been feeling in regards to sleep, and maybe any other changes you're noticing such as recovery, libido, weight changes etc

    In for the ride!
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  4. My recovery is solid. I have been back in the gym for about three week now and since taking intimidate I get very little sorenness. But going back to the sleep I used I get up at least twice a night to piss but now I sleep all night and wake up having to piss so bad I cant hold it. I think I could get three hours of sleep and wake up feeling like I got ten. to be honest I have not seen a deference in my libido as of yet but that has allway been strong.

  5. I have not checked my weight just going by the mirror but I see changes. I have be lifting weights for about ten years so im sure I have good muscle memory. As far the weight im lifting im the gym i have been getting strong every day but im still realy week but I have been out for over a year so thats to be expected

  6. Just got back from the gym and I killed arms tonight I think I could have gone all night and from the way things have been going I dought I will be sore tomorrow. My recovery useing intimidate has been incredible. I dont think I have been taking it long enough to see weight changes but from what I have been feeling im sure to see some good improvements. The only negative I have found so far is my pee smells realy bad and I have never had that before lol

  7. When you say pee smelling bad can you describe that more as is smell? If it smell like a funky weird order could be an inficetion of some sort and I would go doubble check if it continues just to be on the safe side


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