AMS Pro Anabolic Growth Kit + 1-andro (4-ad/DecaVol/1-Andro stack) log

  1. AMS Pro Anabolic Growth Kit + 1-andro (4-ad/DecaVol/1-Andro stack) log

    This is my first stack.

    My plan:

    1andro 2/2/2/2/0
    Decavol 2/2/2/2/0
    4ad 0/2/2/2/2
    arom-x 0/0/0/0/0/2/2/2/2
    Nolva 0/0/0/0/0/20mg/20mg/20mg/10mg

    I will probably add some ZMA/Trib/DAA for PCT.

    Starting stats:

    Max Bench 225

    I'll post pics here soon.

    Day1: Nothing to really report. I just started taking it. I usually do two scoops of White flood pre-workout, did one scoop today and almost felt as if I did two. I am a very skeptical person, so I will just assume it was a good workout ad a good pump.

    More to come tomorrow.

    Everything else is normal levels.

  2. Day two was legs.

    Everything seemed normal. I seemed to be pushing myself harder than I have in the past, but I assume its placebo effect.

    I realize it's only day two, which makes me a bit skeptical, but I have to say that I didn't have jello legs an hour after working out like I usually do. So that's a plus.

  3. Well I can tell yo guys that this stuff really increased my strength. I'm not sure what my max bench is but I went form repping 135 to repping 230. So overall it has helped a lot. Other areas have increased as well. I saw my leg curls go up 10lbs in one week.

    Size I haven't really noticed a whole lot. I just finished today and will be taking my after pics tomorrow.

    Overall it wasn't a bad stack, for a first timer. I feel like if I really wanted more I could've bought other people's products, but overall for a product that has minimal shut down, and minimal side effects, it really was a good investment. I had good libido, good pumps, energized in the gym, muscles hardened up, no mood swings, no aggressiveness.

    I'll post the pics here in about a week.

    EDIT: If I could go back and do it all over I would, but I probably won't do this stack again. If I really feel like doing another PH I'll go for something more powerful.

    But I do have to say the look on my buddies faces when they weigh 30lbs more, and I am putting up the same weight, is priceless.

  4. I don't think I understand... Went up 10 lbs on leg curls in one week but over 100 lbs on bench?!?!?! overall AND you didn't think it was a good result? Puttin up more than your friends that out weight you by 30 lbs? Sounds too good to be true imo. You wouldn't take this again??

    Gonna follow through on the pics?

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