USP Prime Log/Review

  1. USP Prime Log/Review

    I joined this site because I've been wanting to try a month of USP Prime, and then evaluate progress and then adjust dosage or add supplements. As I have found it hard to find any legitimate reviews that were helpful and informative to me, I decided just to track my own progress and share with you guys how my month of hard training goes. Any advice would be appreciated.

    A little background information:
    I'm 19 years old, 6'1 about 185, and about to finish my first year of college. I played football in highschool, where I weighed a cut 190 pounds. Many, many beers later and a year of a horrible diet have left me down 5-10 pounds, which I attribute to muscle loss from lack of working out. While I do not look that out of shape, my abs have almost disappeared and my chest and arms have become considerably less dense. I miss the feeling of having a more dense feeling body, and would like to get back to the cut, lean look I used to have. A month of improved diet and weight training 3-4 days a week showed good results, but I am ready to kick it up a notch before summer.


    Sunday - Back/Bicep - 20 x 100 yard sprints
    Monday - Shoulders/Tricep/forearm/floor abs - a couple miles jogging
    Tuesday - rest up, play a little tennis maybe?
    Wednesday - Chest/machine abs - - jumprope, brisk bike ride
    Thursday - legs/bi/tri/forearms - bleachers

    No drinking on workout days, at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

    Diet and supplements:
    I will be eating 3 hearty but healthy meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), taking two pills of Prime with each meal, and 3 small meals.
    Basic schedule looks like breakfast at 8:00, snack at 11:15, lunch at 1:30, snack and Jack3d at 3:30, workout from 4:00-5:30 or 6:00, Wheybolic Extreme 60 immediately after, and a good dinner whenever I am hungry that night.

    At my age, I decided a non-hormonal supplement would be best, and a high protein, low carb diet would also be better at my age than heavy supplementation. I will be drinking on the weekends, and will not be taking prime on those days. Please refrain from lecturing on alcohol. Also, please feel free to kindly give advice as far as diet and workout goes. I am very open to good advice. Goals are to replace my growing beer belly with lean mass, while improving strength and density throughout my entire body. I will update this once a week with my opinion on weight and mass, density, recovery, and strength. I will also pay attention to appetite, sleep, and libido.

  2. Ok, for anyone that may be reading this, sorry for not updating. It was a hectic Easter weekend.

    Ok, so after one week, I weighed in at four pounds heavier. Too early to tell how much of that is just fluctuation. For the first three-four days, I just couldnt eat enough. I was hungry literally all day. After that, appetite returned to normal. As far "feeling" the results, at around the last day or two of the week, I began to feel a little thicker. No difference in looks, my muscles just kind of FELT more full and dense. I noticed my forearms were a lot more hard when I flexed them on an off day. Soreness, recovery, gains, sleep, etc I didnt notice a big change. Although I can verify what others have said about dreams. I definitely had some crazy, vivid dreams all week.

    Also, the V of my abs is starting to come back, but no loss of fat around the middle portion.

    Admittedly, it was a week of VERY heavy drinking. But my muscles definitely feel consiberaly harder while I pump, and stay hard for a long while after workout. Feels very good. But supposedly you wont really see results until week 3.

    Ill keep updating. Ask any questions or give any advice please!

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