Hey Guys,

I discovered a new protein distributor the other day, and decided to contact the company to see if I could get a sample. They had some interesting sounding flavors, particularly Vanilla Cupcake and Vanilla Peanut Butter. I cannot begin to explain the love affair I have had with peanut butter in my life. I eat it every day. I really haven't found a chocolate peanut butter flavor that I have enjoyed for more than a few shakes. But, when I saw this company had a vanilla peanut butter I had to try it. The owner of Active Armour contacted me the same day, and got my address to send out a few samples. I figured some of you guys would be interested in a review. He sent me all four flavors they have, so I'll discuss each in turn.

Profile: 10/10 - The profile of these shakes is where this company really shines. Each shake has 29 grams of whey protein isolate, 0 grams fat, 1 gram of carbs, and 120 calories. It doesn't get much better without sacrificing taste. The ingredient list is very short, for a 33 gram serving you get 29 grams of protein. That's pretty close to perfect.

Texture/Mixability: 9/10 - All of the flavors mixed really quickly. Chocolate was the only flavor to clump, but a few extra shakes took care of it.

Vanilla Cupcake - 9.5/10 - the taste of this was really clean, no chalky aftertaste. I'd compare the flavor to a funfetti cupcake with vanilla icing. My second favorite of the bunch.

Vanilla Peanut Butter - 10/10 - this one was the flavor I was most excited to try. I tried it alone at first, and the flavor was similar to adding PB2 to ON Vanilla (an excellent combo BTW). Then I took the owner's advice and blended it with a spoonful of natural peanut butter. This was definitely the best shake I've ever had. I'd rename the flavor God Mode if it were my product.

Cinnamon Roll - 8.5/10 - I really like cinnamon roll flavors, and it seems that every one I've tried has tasted different. I like the fact that this flavor doesn't taste buttery like the Myofusion Probiotic version. It wasn't as sweet as MGN's Cinnamon Bun, but that was almost too sweet for my taste. Overall this was a good cinnamon flavor, I'd definitely get it again.

Chocolate - 8/10 - I'm really not much for chocolate flavors. I've tried a bunch, but they really do not appeal to me. This was a decent version, I'd compare it to a store bot Chocolate Milk. The flavor isn't as overpowering as others, like Myo Choc or ON's Extreme Milk Chocolate.

Overall 9.5/10 - I love the profile of these shakes, and I'll definitely be getting some of the Vanilla Peanut Butter. For a guy like me who's looking for a lower carb, high quality protein with no additives these are perfect. Definitely a purchase in the near future.

I've been in contact with the owner over the last week (since I told him I'd be putting up a review on bb.com and here) and he indicated that he would be willing to send out some samples for other guys to try. You can go to their website and there is a link to get samples, or PM me and I can give you the email address.

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