im going to be running 4-AD AMS with H-drol by CEL for my first 3 weeks then jump into epi-trenazone for 5 weeks
week 1 4-ad 2ml divided dose h-drol 50 mg divided dose
week 2-3 4-ad 4ml divided dose h-drol 75 mg divided dose
week 3-8 epi 30/30/30/40/40 trenazone @1ml a day
Pct will start day after last dose clomid,PCT Assist by CEL,erase, TCF-1 by primodial and division 1 run clomid @ 100/50/50/50
assist sups omega 3 fish oil, vitamin c 3000-4000mg a day and organe sheild and multi vitamin.
any sugestions on this cycle will be apreciated especaly in my pct as this is the first time im using a SERM ( yes folish i know but you live and you learn) thanks in advanced will be looging with pictures. plan to start my cycle on april 7th.