1969's Intimidate + Erase Pro log

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  1. 1969's Intimidate + Erase Pro log

    March 13

    Est1969 is Male, 42, 215# @ 17%BF.

    Intimidate: 13th dose
    Erase Pro: 5th dose

    SQUATS. 5X5 245#. Very tough
    BENCH PRESS. 5X5 235#
    BARBELL ROW. 5X5 185#

  2. MARCH 15

    Intimidate: 15th dose
    Erase Pro: 5th dose
    PWO: 2 scoops Craze. 10 pills Hemavol

    SQUATS. 5X5 245#. Very tough. I should have dialed the weight down as my form was poor and I ended up hurting my right hamstring. This is a mistake that continue to make and will never, never learn.
    SHOULDER PRESS. 5X5 95#. Tough. Breaks in form but continued with 5 sets (Again, I never learn).
    DEADLIFT: 5X5 245#. Easy and smooth.

    My mood has been excellent on this cycle. I feel great in the gym and feel great for the rest of my day. Definitely starting to look more defined and my shoulders, chest, and legs are filling out nicely. People are making comments to me regularly on the muscles.

  3. awesome! how has your cycle been going so far? any major things to report?
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  4. MARCH 17

    Intimidate: 17th dose
    Erase Pro: 9th dose
    PWO: 2 scoops Craze. 10 pills Hemavol

    SQUATS. 5X5 225#. Form returned. I feel a little soreness in the right ham but push through it (because I'm an idiot). My sets look nice though.
    BENCH PRESS. 5x5 240#. PR on the 5x5. Was surprised I pulled out the last set of 5 as I thought I was spent on set 4. The last rep came from somewhere deep inside. I felt like a million bucks setting a new PR. Big boost in confidence. My spotter said I have one more set in me...who knows, maybe?
    BARBELL ROWS. 5X5 190#. PR on the 5x5. Felt smooth.

    Tons of energy in the gym. It's raining out so I stick around for some pullups, dips, ez curls, cable rows, shrugs. Pretty random, but I just felt like having fun and doing the stuff I love to do. Had a blast.

    Mild elbow pain makes its appearance today. I take some Super Cissus and that takes care of that.

    Sleep is good, but it's usually good with me. Freaky, disturbing nightmare the other night so I am adding 6mg of melatonin to erase dream recall.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    awesome! how has your cycle been going so far? any major things to report?
    Cycle is going great. No doubt I am making new gains on Intimidate. I am going to buy a second bottle from you this week, so be sure to hit me with some free samples! I am getting remarks left and right about the muscles...it's making me a bit self-conscious actually. Having fun in the gym, and for me that is very important.

  6. March 20

    Intimidate: 20th dose
    Erase Pro: 12th dose
    PWO: 2 scoops Craze, 10 pills Hemavol

    SQUATS: 5X5 225#. No pain at all, so I guess I escaped disaster this time. Form was solid. Reps felt nice and easy. Will go to 230# on Thursday.
    SHOULDER PRESS: 5X5 100#. Wow, this surprised me given how I struggled at 95# last Thursday. It felt like I had brand new shoulders. The reps went up easy, no breaks in form. I did a 6th set just for kicks, and it was easy. Was a 5x5 PR, but I have never been into this exercise. Now I'm a fan as I can see my shoulders get big in response.
    DEADLIFT: 1x5 275#. Don't know why I went to 275 from 245. Guess I wasn't paying attention. Was a good set though. Not my favorite exercise...but need to learn to like it.

    My libido is seriously off the chain. I keep herbal sups to boost libido (like horny goat weed, Tongkat Ali, Catauba Bark, Rhodiola) but these have been gathering dust as I am now looking at the libido issue as a bit of a problem. It's turning into a real distraction. I guess there are worse problems to be had.

    Back at it on Thursday.

  7. March 22

    Intimidate: Dose 22
    Erase Pro: Dose 14
    PWO: Maximize v2 sample, Hemavol powder sample (thanks iForce)

    SQUATS: 5X5 230#. Solid form. Was challenging. Very slight pain in right ham, but worked through it.
    BENCH PRESS: 5X5 245# PR: Wow. Struggled with the first set and felt very intimidated by the weight. Thought no way in hell am I going to get through 5 sets. Somehow, I was able to squeak out sets 2 through 5 with no assist. This is new weight territory for me on the bench.
    BARBELL ROWS 5X5 195#. Felt much easier than last session at 190#. Good sets.

    New gains made on Intimidate!

    Felt great energy and focus on the Maximize V2 and Hemavol powder. First time using both. Was surprised how smooth the Maximize felt given the 1,3 in the powder.

    Back again Sat or Sun.

  8. awesome! Seems like you're starting to see some good results! Lovin it
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  9. March 24,

    Intimidate: Dose 24
    Erase Pro: Dose 16

    PWO: 2 scoops Craze, 10 pills Hemavol

    SQUATS: 5X10 175#. Time to reset my squats and focus on fixing my technique. Made sure to get my hips below my knees. Felt very good and could really feel the difference from working out at that depth vs. just shy of parallel. Will go 185# on Tuesday.

    SHOULDER PRESS: 5X5 105#. PR. Felt smooth and easy.

    DEADLIFT: 1X5 225#; 1X5 285#. PR. Had trouble holding the bar on the last rep. Didn't drop it, but it was barely hanging by eight fingers at the end.

    PULLUPS: 17, 11, 9. By the 2nd set I really started to feel spent. Been cutting my cals with the help of Dexaprine and could feel it by this point of my workout.

    DIPS: 20, 20, 20

    EZ CURLS: 5x5 100#

    CABLE ROWS: 5X5 195#

    So 2 PR's and felt very good throughout; excepting some weakness on the pullup bar.

  10. March 27,

    Intimidate: Dose 27
    Erase Pro: Dose 19

    PWO: 2 scoops Craze, 10 pills Hemavol.

    SQUATS: 5x5 185#. Still in a deload phase to reset my technique and clean it up a bit. Good full sets. Felt smooth. No pain anywhere.

    BENCH PRESS: 5x5 250#. PR!. First set was very tough. I again thought no way will I finish all 5, but finish all 5 I did. This session has to come with an asterisk. My spot was yakking my ear off and the result was a 5 minute rest between set 4 and 5, where Stronglifts allows 3. I think that extra 2 minutes put me over the top.

    BARBELL ROWS: 5X5 200#. PR. Solid sets. No pain.

    Two fresh PR's today. Post workout I feel absolutely fantastic.

    Back on Thursday for some Squats, Overheads, and Deads.

  11. MARCH 29,

    Initmidate: Dose 29
    Erase Pro: Dose 21

    PWO: 3ml Clembutrx, 10 pills Hemavol, 25mg Ephedrine Sulfate

    Horrible sleep last night. Maybe 3 hours total. Went with the Clembutrx to jolt me awake (it did). I could not even think of breakfast after the Clembutrx so ran to the gym on an empty stomach.

    SQUATS: 5X5 195#. This was a very challenging weight for me to get the hips below the knees, but I went below parallel on all 25 reps. Will be interesting to see what happens at 200# on Sat/Sun. Good form all the way down and up.

    OVERHEAD PRESS: 5X5 115#. PR!. The shoulders continue to respond very well to this cycle. Was a challenge, but there was more in the tank. On to 120# next week.

    DEADLIFT: 1X5 295#. PR. Felt good. Always enjoy doing the deads. Switched to the mixed grip as I nearly dropped 285# overhand last week.

    Another set of gains on Intimidate/Erase Pro.

    Writing this at lunchtime...wide awake and alert on 3 hours of sleep. I can't stop perspiring and just feel warm all over. Clenbutrx is seriously strong stuff. I have to say that as a stimulant/appetite suppressant this stuff really works.

    See you Sunday.

  12. MARCH 31

    Intimidate: Dose 31
    Erase Pro: Dose 23

    PWO: 2 Scoops Craze, 10 Pills Hemavol, 25mg Ephedrine Sulfate

    The addition of Ephedrine provided an *amazing* complement to the Craze/Hemavol stack. More energy and longer lasting. This is a fantastic PWO stack. Highly recommended.

    SQUATS: 5X5 205#. Since I have starting breaking parallel on my squats, all pain in my knees has disappeared. I have absolutely no pain in my hips or hams. Legs feel great and strong.

    BARBELL REVERSE LUNGE: 5X3 185#; 2X3 205# PR. One wobbly rep at 205#.

    FLAT BENCH PRESS: 5X5 255# PR. 1X3 at 265# PR. Felt very strong on the bench, so I topped my 255 pr with another 10 and squeezed out 3 for a new PR.

    BARBELL ROW: 5X5 205#. PR.

    CHIN UPS then DIPS. 10, 20; 10, 20; 10, 20

    EZ CURLS: 5X5 100#

  13. This is a legit stack, bound to see significant gains on it from what I've heard. I'm going to give it a go June 1st.. Counting down the days!

    Have you taken either Intimidate (or DAA) or Erase Pro seperately before stacking them?

  14. Clemenza,

    I took 8 doses of Intimidate before starting in the Erase Pro. I recall experiencing noticeable gains around the 6th dose or so.

  15. I'm sorry I should have been more clear. I meant have you ever taken a full cycle of solo Intimidate or solo Erase?

  16. Clemenza,

    Gotcha! No, this is my first experiment with these kinds of sups whatsoever.

  17. APRIL 3,

    PWO: 2 Scoops Craze, 10 pills Hemavol, 25mg ephedrine sulphate

    This PWO always delivers. Smooth energy that takes me well past my workout. Great focus.

    SQUATS: 5X5 210#. PR for 5x5 breaking parallel on all reps.

    OVERHEAD PRESS: 5X5 120#. PR. The shoulders have really surprised me on this cycle. Every week a new PR and it feels only moderately challenging.

    DEADLIFT: 1X5 305#. PR. I've never been much of a regular deadlifter so I am paranoid I am doing them wrong and am going to hurt myself. Been reading alot about proper form and looks like I am doing them right. So far so good.

    Back on Thursday.

  18. Log looks pretty good so far
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  19. April 5

    Intimidate: Dose 36
    Erase Pro: Dose 29

    PWO: 2 Scoops Craze, 10 Pills Hemavol, 25 mg Ephedrine Sulphate

    SQUATS: 3X5 215#. Bummer. Pulled something about 4 inches below my patella, just to the left of my shin bone. Hurt like hell, but by the end of the workout the pain was gone. Every once in a while when walking I can feel something in there just not quite right. Will rest it 3 days and lower the weight. Hopefully nothing serious.

    BARBELL BENCH PRESS: 4,3,4,4,3 260#. The weight is a PR for me, but I am not going to advance the weight next week. I would say that about 3 reps or so had my butt coming off the bench. I want to do 5 sets with my butt on the bench before advancing. Hopefully won't be a long plateau.

    BARBELL ROWS: 5X5 210#. PR. My last rep was a bit of a cheat. I am finally hitting my max on this exercise. Will repeat the weight next time.

    EZ CURLS: 5x5 100#.

    Followed this up with 5 sets of Chinups and 5 sets of Dips. Still had plenty of energy for more weights, but had to get to work.

    Will rest for three and back on Sunday.

  20. April 8,

    Intimidate: Dose 38
    Erase Pro: Dose 31

    PWO: 2 scoops Craze, 1 scoop Hemavol powder sample (Thanks iForce!), 12 oz coffee, 25mg Ephedrine sulphate

    Wow. Red Letter day in the gym! Surprised because I got no sleep last night (my kids kept waking up looking for the Easter bunny).

    SQUATS: 5x5 185#: After last weeks screw-up I was very interested to see if I was still injured. Stepped down the weight and was extremely careful with my form. No pain! So relieved... Went through the 5 sets and resisted temptation to increase the weight. The legs felt awesome and could feel all the muscles working together nicely.

    OVERHEAD PRESS: 3x5 125# (PR), 2x5 135# (PR). Every step up into new weights has been smooth and easy. The shoulders have really gained on this cycle. I recalled struggling with my first bench press @135 more than 20 years ago, so my ego got a big boost pushing this weight easily over my head.

    DEADLIFTS: 1x5 225#, 1x5 275#, 2x5 315# (PR). Six plates! Sets felt smooth and controlled. I felt awesome breaking into new ground on my deadlift. My body felt very energized after the sets. No pain whatsoever. Great stuff.

    Burned off the Craze with 6x5 Bench Press @ 225, Chin Ups 3x10, Dips 3x20, Ez curls 5x100. My biceps felt like they were going to burst out of my skin.

    I'm on a high after this workout. Can't wait for Tuesday!

  21. April 10,

    Intimidate: Dose 40
    Erase Pro: Dose 33

    PWO: 2 scoops Craze, 10 pills Hemavol, 25mg ephedrine sulphate.

    SQUATS: 5x4 195#: Continued pain free. All reps breaking parallel. Felt very good and a nice challenge. Up to 205# on Thurs. Soon I will be back to the weight where I hurt myself and hopefully can break through.

    BENCH PRESS: 4,4,3 @260, 5,5,5 @ 225. Could not find a spotter for sets 4&5. The weight felt much more controlled this time. Kept my butt on the bench for all reps except 1. Will stick to this weight for one more go.

    BARBELL ROWS: 5X4 210#. Felt controlled and will go for 215 next week.

    Been cutting back on calories and felt pretty wiped out after these three exercises. Did one set of chinups and called it a day.

    Back on Thurs.

  22. Nice log so far. Keep it up! Glad to see you're staying pain free.

  23. April 12,

    Intimidate: Dose 42
    Erase Pro: Dose 35

    PWO: 2 eggs, 4 oz hamburger, coffee, 2 scoops Craze, 10 pills Hemavol, 25mg Ephedrine sulphate.

    Warmup: 1.25 mile run in 08:30

    SQUATS: 5x5 200#. Great sets. No pain whatsoever. Could really feel the muscles working together. Very glad I read Rippetoe's book as my squat may not be perfect but it feels really good.

    OVERHEAD PRESS: 5x4 135# PR for this many reps at this weight. Felt very strong, but there were 2 reps that were a little bit on the sloppy side. Will likely keep at this weight next week to see if I can get 20-25 reps with strong, solid form.

    DEADLIFTS: 1x5 225, 1x5 275, 1x5 325 (pr), 1x5 225. 325 felt easier this week than 315 felt last week. Definitely had some more left in the tank and will go to 335 next week. Gotta work on my breathing though...lightheaded after the 325# set.

    Loads of energy left in the tank after my workout. Moved on to Chinups 10/10/8 with 2 count hangs at the bottom. Dips 20/20/20. Barbell curls 6/6/5/5/5 95#. Close grip cable rows 3x5 195#, 2x5 205#.

    Still felt charged but had to go to work. The whole day I've felt like a million bucks and loving it.

    Back on Sat or Sun.

  24. April 14

    Intimidate: Dose 44
    Erase Pro: Dose 36

    Really starting to notice the fat coming off. Decent ab definition above the navel and obliques coming in. Bought some calipers to see where I was: 11% using the 7 point method. That's the lowest I've been in years and years.

    PWO: 3 Eggs, 2 scoops Craze, 10 pills Hemavol, 25mg ephedrine sulphate. Black coffee.

    5 minute ab workout. Now that I can see my abs...time to develop them! Rotated Mtn Climbers, Planks, and Crunches for 5mins nonstop.

    1.25 mile run.

    SQUATS: 5x5 205#. These felt great. Good challenge. All reps breaking parallel and could feel the quads, hams, and glutes working hard.

    BENCH PRESS: 2x5 225#; 2x3 260#; 3x5 225#; 1x20 135#: The gym was packed and could not get a flat bench. The cage was open and tried to set up in there. I just could not get a good setup going and the 260s felt hard and awkward. Oh well...try again next week.

    BARBELL ROW: 1x5 at 225; 5/3/4/4/5 at 215#. Felt very good and stronger throughout the set. Will give 220 a shot next week.

    Finished the workout with Chinups 3x10 with 2 count hangs between reps. Dips 3x20. Barbell curls 5x5 95#. Still tons of energy after my workout.

  25. Don't know how I missed this!!! Intimidate plus erase pro NICE!



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