Getting ready for summer with USPLabs and PES!

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    Friday, May 4th: (Happy Star Wars Day!)

    So, this has been a fairly good week. Still plugging away at that insane Quantum Body Method workout. It's like dragging my muscles through the fires of hell.

    I woke up this morning and stepped on the scale... 224 lbs. Wtf? I weighed 221 lbs on Sunday. Hmm... So today at the gym, I checked my bodyfat... 16.7%. Well that's good news. That's down from my previous 17.4%. Weird stuff going on.
    More like GOOD THINGS going on!
    RecoverBro ELITE

  2. Thursday, May 10th:

    Well, things are winding down. I have two more days left on the C20.

    I'm noticing a pretty good increase in definition. The other day when I stepped out of the shower, during that moment when your foot hits the floor and your quad contracts to bear the load, I just happened to glance over at the mirror and was like "Damn." That quad definition is looking pretty good when flexed. That sweep looks like it's going to bust out the side of my thigh.

  3. And it comes to an end:

    This morning I took the last of my C20 and Erase Pro. My final stats: 223 lbs, 16.8% BF.

    So, that's 9 lbs and ~3% BF dropped.

    Let's do some math...

    Starting figure: 232 lbs * .80 lbm = 185.6 lbs of lean body mass.
    Ending figure: 223 lbs * .832 lbm = 185.09 lbs of lean body mass.

    That's a straight 9 lbs of fat melted off with negligible loss in lean body mass over 8 weeks. Now, I admit, those figures could have been better. I didn't really try that hard. I wanted to put the supplements to the test, so I didn't drop any cals the first 4 weeks. I even ate a bit more because the C20 had me raving hungry all the time! The first 4 weeks was where my biggest drop came from. The last 4 weeks wasn't as exciting. I did drop cals some, but I was having trouble trying to figure out where, so they didn't get dropped much. I also dropped the Erase Pro to EOD because I was having some joint, skin, and libido issues that signified my estrogen was too low.

    All in all, I'm pretty impressed. I didn't change a bunch of things, then blame all my success on the supplements, because we all know supplements are just that, supplements, and most of our weight changes come by way of what our food intake is. I think I've proved that these two supplements when stacked together are very effective in their own right. I've run other things before doing the same testing method of not changing my cals, and I didn't see as big of, if any, change as I saw on this stack. I will be interested in running this stack again and doing a more aggressive cutting cycle. I also still stand by my previous observation that this stack may actually work better when you eat worse. My best days on this cycle, the days where I looked and felt the best, were after I binged on crappy food. It's gotta be something in that repartitioning of the C20.

    I'll get some comparison shots up in the next day or so. I'm noticing the definition increase the most in my back and my quads.

    Thanks USP and PES!

  4. Sorry for the delay, tinypic was giving me problems last night.

    Flatter stomach, less boobage.

    Sorry for the lighting differences, but you can tell a smoother muscle line, not marred by little fat rolls.

    This one I think actually shows less definition than the 4 week picture. Not sure what's going on there. And I've got this weird lean to my right in all my 8th week pictures that I didn't have before.

    Those quads are looking much better! I got some definition forming instead of just massive lumps.

    No 4 week comparison shot here, weird. Veins in the forearms now. Stomach flatter.

    Not much change in the calves.

    So, that much overall change, with barely any effort. Now that I know what C20 and Erase Pro can do. I'm looking forward to the next run when I put forth more effort. I was going to for this run, and it started out great, but I kind of slacked off in the last 4 weeks by not adjusting my diet accordingly.


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