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    It's just something I've evolved into. I like doing a 5x5 to increase strength, but I also know that I need high volume to grow. So it's just kind of been evolving over time. I never knew I needed high volume until I used Ergogenix's Quantum Body Workout.
    Cool. What is this ergogenix quantum body workout you speak of? I think I will google it
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Cool. What is this ergogenix quantum body workout you speak of? I think I will google it
    This is a video explaining what it is.

    There are videos of each of the workouts on youtube.

    It's insane. Don't expect to be using anywhere near the weight you're used to.

    I have all the pdf with the instructions and workout sheets. PM me if you want them and I can email them to you. Ergogenix removed them from their site.

  3. Oh man, I want to try! Hmm...... so, when you coming back to the gym?

  4. As soon as I figure out how to make it work on a more permanent basis.

  5. Out with the old, in with the new!


  6. Saturday, March 24th:

    Woke up this morning and had a bit bigger breakfast than usual. Waited an hour or so, downed my Jack3d, waited another half hour and hit a chest workout. It was horrible! Tried going for 5x5, but could hardly move the weight. I had to drop the weight and just pounded out 8-10 on everything. I was pretty pumped though, and a bit more leanness was still evident. Afterwards, I got to try out my new heavy bag setup. That speedbag is hard to hit!

    I wore my 4 year old little girl out. She saw daddy working out and wanted to do it as well. I gave her the empty dumbbell handles and she was laying on the floor mimicking what I was doing. It was cute. Afterwards, she hit the old punching bag while I was on the new one. Then she couldn't stop talking about food! We had just eaten breakfast about 3 hours before, and she hardly ever wants lunch! She's asleep now. Hasn't taken a nap in weeks, but wanted one today. Haha!

    I need more food!

  7. Noticing anything from the stack?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Noticing anything from the stack?
    A little more lean, chest tightening up. Down two pounds. Insane hunger! A bit of shoulder acne. That's about it. Heading in the right direction. It was a bit of an off day. I hope my strength bounces back tomorrow.

  9. Sunday, March 25th:

    I made up for my lackluster chest workout on Saturday morning, by having a great back workout on Sunday! Monday morning now and my back is so sore!

    Monday, March 26th:

    Today is my birthday! I took off work today. Going to bust out a quick arms workout this morning, then go get my free lunch! I can't decide. BD's Mongolian Grill or Red Robin Gourmet Burgers?

    I'm not going to comment on leanness or my diet this morning... I had cake yesterday. I did take my C20 before I ate it though.

    Actually, I can't tell a difference because of the cake. Still looking good and heading in the right direction.

  10. Tuesday, March 27th:

    No worse for the wear after my birthday!

    Had a killer shoulder workout tonight. Dropped the weight and focused more on the stretch and the squeeze. Man, my shoulders are so pumped!

    Went for a run afterwards and actually was able to run the whole time. No slow downs to walk.

    I'm noticing a bit more definition in my shoulders. They definitely looked bigger tonight. Also, noticed some definition in my abs. Not really in the individual muscles themselves, but I'm getting the middle separation back and a little definition is noticeable on the side when the light hits just right. I'm lovin' it!

  11. Thursday, March 29th:

    I had a great leg workout tonight! Didn't go to the gym, but was able to push myself at home just fine. I kept weight lower and again focused on stretch and squeeze. High volume and high reps. My legs are pumped up!

    Checking out progress in the mirror afterwards, I notice more definition coming through in my quads. Looking good!

    I probably won't get my weight this week. I won't have access to my usual scale, and I don't want to use another one, because they all seem to give different readings. I'm still looking like I'm leaning out though. For the most part the hunger has subsided, but I am drinking more water now.

  12. Couple of updates rolled into one.

    Friday, March 30th:

    Short chest workout I like to call a "plumper". I focused mainly on upper chest because that's a weak spot for me, I kept the weight low, and I just busted out as many reps as I could. I had a real nice swell going on for the rest of the night.

    Saturday, March 31st:

    Saturday was an off day. Went on a 5 hour motorcycle ride, then out to see PBR live! I was rooting for the bulls.

    Sunday, April 1st:

    I woke up this morning at my girlfriends house, so I got to use the scale I normally use to track progress. I weighed in at 228 lbs. That's another 2 lbs lost in just over a week! So far I've lost a total of 4 lbs in just over two weeks. I'm happy with that progress. Any faster and I'd be sacrificing muscle. What's remarkable is the fact that I haven't significantly cut calories. I cut about 200-300 calories in the first week, but I didn't cut anything the second week and I still lost weight! I can tell that I'm leaning out in my shoulders. My stomach is flatter. And my girlfriend mentioned the muscles in my legs "sticking out" this morning.

    I'm still doing cardio about 4 times a week. I'm up to 2 miles in under 20 minutes now. When I started a few weeks ago, I couldn't do a whole mile without walking some of it. Obviously I'm not training for a marathon anytime soon, but any progress is good progress.

    Tomorrow I start hitting the gym with Nokkt for a month (at least). We'll be starting the Quantum Body Method. Should be fun!

  13. Awesome updates man.

    What kind of bike u riden?

    I have a GSXR 1000
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Awesome updates man.

    What kind of bike u riden?

    I have a GSXR 1000
    Honda Shadow

  15. Quote Originally Posted by kaikara View Post

    Tomorrow I start hitting the gym with Nokkt for a month (at least). We'll be starting the Quantum Body Method. Should be fun!
    Yeah, about damn time you actually do some work.

    Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post

    I have a GSXR 1000
    I'm jelly.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by nokkT View Post
    Yeah, about damn time you actually do some work.

    I'm jelly.
    That's what your arms feel like right now, don't they?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by kaikara View Post
    That's what your arms feel like right now, don't they?
    My left one hurts. lol. Still so tight. My poor muscles are destroyed.

  18. Monday and Tuesday, April 2nd & 3rd:

    Been rocking the Quantum Body Method workout in the gym the past couple of days. Having a lot fun training with a partner, pushing each other harder. It's definitely a better workout. I'm a ton more sore the next day now!

    Monday was chest and biceps. This morning, it hurt just lifting my gym bag. And my chest still felt pumped! Gotta be that C20.

    Today was shoulders and traps. Killed it in the gym, so I'm expecting to be sore again tomorrow. When I got home this evening, I went for a jog.

    I noticed a definite dry mouth all day today. Trying to increase water intake.

  19. Wednesday, April 4th:

    Killed a Back and Tricep workout yesterday.

    Lat pulldowns superset with close grip pulldowns, cable rows superset with wide grip cable rows, rear db lat raises, close grip pullups, hyperextensions, triceps pushdowns superset with reverse grip pushdowns, overhead tricep extensions, dips. Whew! Intense!

    Back is sore today. Triceps are alright, not as bad as the biceps were hurting (are still hurting!).

    We're gonna go kill legs today. I'll check my weight tomorrow morning. I'm off work tomorrow, so I'm going to take the whole three days to rest, then switch things around a little bit for next week's workout.

  20. Thursday, April 5th:

    Final workout this week and my legs are toasted! I'm taking the rest of the three day weekend to just relax.

    Friday, April 6th:

    Weight myself this morning. I'm down to 225 lbs! That's nearly 3 lbs this week! This fat is just melting off like butter! I have not changed my calories at all this week.

  21. Monday, April 9th:

    The three day weekend did me good! I needed the rest. Although I probably should have done some cardio, I felt I needed that time to let my body heal after pounding myself hard last week on those QBM workouts. They take a lot out of you! We're up for the same workouts again this week, although in a bit different order in order optimize them a bit. Also, this is my last week of the initial 4 week log.

    Things I noticed this weekend:

    Seriously decreased libido. I think for this week, I will go to an every other day dosing, as I feel my estrogen may be too far tanked by the Erase Pro.

    Yesterday, I popped a couple C20 before Easter dinner, and I gorged myself insanely. This morning I am happy to report that the large amounts of salty ham, rolls, potatoes, and desserts had no apparent after effects. I woke up this morning just as lean as the day before.

    I did send out my info to continue this log for another 4 weeks. I haven't received anything yet, but I'm looking forward to keeping this going. I'm leaning up quite nicely without dropping my calories too much. For the second four weeks, I'll probably get a little more aggressive on my calories.

    At the end of this week, I'll get my final readings on weight, bodyfat, and post up some comparison pictures so we can see what has been done. Stay tuned!

  22. I decided not to go EOD on the Erase Pro for this week. Who needs libido, right?

    I might do it for the second month.

    Right now, it looks like I have enough C20 and Erase Pro to make it through Friday, with one extra pill of C20 left over. Woo!

  23. I used the electronic bodyfat checker thing at the gym today. I did it twice and it read 17.3% and 17.4%. I'm going to check with my calipers tonight to see how accurate my initial reading with the calipers is. If it was accurate, I'm just over 2.5% bodyfat drop in 3.5 weeks.

    Edit: I just verified. Using my calipers and the 3-fold pinch test, I'm at 17%.

  24. Thursday, April 12th:

    Worked chest and biceps today. I was extremely tired all day. I was certainly off my game in the gym today. Strength was definitely lacking. I'm hoping tomorrow is better, because it's leg day, and that's usually my favorite day.

    I got an email today that said my round 2 was shipped yesterday. To my surprise, it was in my mailbox when I got home today! That was wicked fast! That's good too, because I run out of round 1 tomorrow, so it came just in time.

    With the exception of today, I've been noticing an increased energy throughout the day. Nothing stim related, just awake. I'm not sleeping any different, but the day is certainly easier to get through. I'm chalking today up to "it's just one of those days".

  25. End of Round 1:

    Sorry for the delay. I had an exceptionally busy weekend.

    I ended up on friday, my last day of round one of C20 and Erase, with legs. As before, it was brutal. Today is monday and they're still killing me! It's definitely killing my weekend cardio routine. I haven't been doing any on the weekends for the past couple weeks.

    I was not able to get pictures, weight, or bf% this weekend, but will try to do so tonight and tomorrow. From the updates I've been posting though, I can tell a significant difference. I definitely look leaner in the mirror. I feel that my chest has more definition rather than just being a lump of fat covering my pecs. My forearms have more visible veins. My stomach actually has indentations and curves now instead of being the pouch that I picked up over the past year and a half. My legs are also showing increased definition.

    Overall, I'm quite impressed with this stack. I wrote down some things in the beginning that I would be doing to cut calories along the way. None of that actually happened. I think I cut the cheese back for a total of about two days. I did cut from a creamy ceaser dressing to a light italian, but other than that, there have been no reductions in calories. In fact, I've upped my carbs a bit because of this insane weightlifting routine. In spite of all that, I've managed to shed about 8 lbs in 4 weeks. That's a weight that is to be expected when dieting, except I wasn't dieting!

    I'm looking very forward to round 2. I had some symptoms of low estrogen, so I dropped Erase Pro to every other day and so far, those symptoms are improving (dry lips, flaky hands, non-existent libido). I'm going to keep an eye on my progression, and drop calories if needed over the next 4 weeks. I'm looking forward to it!


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