There should be, but to sum it all up:

Thanks again to PES and USPlabs!

End result of a month + of using Erase Pro - damn its strong. If you thought Erase was not doing much for you, this will change your mind. EOD should be the default directions for dosing Absolute winner here - I would buy again, no doubt. Dried out 4 pounds in the first week alone - if you are already at a lower bf % - like single digits, this will really wow you...

c20 - For me at least I didn't notice all too much - others certainly did though so YMMV on this one. All I can really say about this one is that it didnt work out for me sad to say.

Modern BCAA - My new BCAA of choice, I will buy it again. The only reason i would pick it over Recover Pro is the better mixing. Taste is slightly better, but they are both great, and you can not go wrong with either.

Jack3d - what can i say that hasn't been said. OG formula I am sad to see you go!