Official neogenix neosurge review!

  1. Official neogenix neosurge review!

    First off id like to give a big shout out and thank you to neogenix for allowing me to try this product before it was even released which is awsome!

    First off, id like to say that i am very tolerant to stims, I also have tried many preworkouts,,,,,and one other thing id liek to mention and something that you may find interesting is that when i try out a new preworkout i always do it on a chest day following an off day that way i can gauge its effectiveness equally to all other pre workouts ( gotta keep as many things constant as you can)

    so....Mixability- no problems here what so ever....poured it into about 16 oz water ( i tend to sip on my preworkouts as i workout).... no climping, no grittyness, and i dont even use a shaker bottle, jsut an empty powerade bottle. There were even any particles sitting at the bottom when i finished it which i notice some have.

    Taste- im not a big stickler on taste, if it does the job taste isnt too big an issue for me, however this tasted really good. I seen some otehr reviews where people said there was a strong aftertaste, i did not experience this. Note that i do mix it with a bit more water than most. It was a grape flavor, mild flavor not too strong, jsut right in my opinion at about 16-20 oz. I also am a grape lover, dunno why more companies dont put out more grape....its by far my favorite flavor so that was an instant hit with me.

    strength- hit a few prs today despite feeling a bit under the weather... ii have a bit of a sinus issue and head cold. So strenth was definitely up, i was pretty happy, made me feeel real good.

    focus- my favorite category....focus was real good, i put my hood up and get in my zone and Neosurge def. took it to that next level.....good mind muslce connection and a great focus. Even when i was distracted by a friend i was able to get right back to work.

    Endurance- I tend to work out for a while that is one reason i sip on it throughout the wrokout so i cannot speak on endurance in regards to taking it all at once and lasting the whoel workout. I do know that i still feel great NO CRASH at all so that is amazing haha i hate the crash where ur like hungover the rest of the day.

    Pumps- pumps were good....i woudlnt say skin splitting or anytyhing but i would def. say above average, on my higher rep sets i def. felt my muscles really filling up and i still feel prety swole right now about 1.5 hours later so real good in that regard.

    Energy - once again i sipped it throughout the wrorkout for the most part and still had amazing clean energy, no cracked out feeling jsut strong focused lets get to work type of energy. I am very stim tolerant in my opinion and was able to get a real good kick from this for the whole workout so real good clean energy!.

    overall this is a very solid preworkout. Neogenix hit the nail on the head iwth this one in my opinion.....there is 300mg of caffeine but in my opinion it doesnt hit u like alot of other, the enrgy from, this is much more clean and focused and no crash is a huge plus. Pumps are good, taste is good, everything about it id say is pretty top notch. I'd love to giove it a few more tries and see hwo it coudl help to increase my strenght over the long haul....good stuff neogenix!

  2. Glad it worked for you I to love grape flavor things especially jolly ranchers.

  3. Thanks! Great review!

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