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    Monday night slept like total garbage even with ZMA. Had nothing to do with Intimidate though. I am traveling and have traveled for work for the last 16 years, I have never, ever gotten more than 2 hours sleep on my first night in any hotel room. So, I skipped working out Tuesday. Took ZMA last night and slept through till 4:00 AM which was awesome. Worked out at a local Gold's gym at 4:30 AM. What a joke. Juice bar, tanning booths, storefront right out of a G-N-C. So much space wasted where they could actually have more free weight equipment. One incline bench, two flat benches, no decline bench, yet they waste 2400 sq feet hawking sweatshirts and NO Explode. Hilarious. (and yes, I understand that is a great way to generate income, but back in the day Gold's was a real gym, now they might as well have disco balls hanging from the ceiling)

    Had a good workout, nonetheless, because there was only me and one other guy there at that time in the AM.

    I have no scale, or calipers here, but let me tell you this. I have two polo shirts with me that I've owned for about 3 months. 50/50 blend of cotton and poly, so they do not shrink. These shirts always fit me fine. Now they are screaming tight on me across my chest/back and arms. They actually look a size too small now.

    Can't wait to hit the gym tomorrow!!
    We all have those nights.. mine always seem to come when i have to wake up early the next day for something really important. I remember, the night before my first day at my new job.. i didn't sleep for even 1 minute haha.

  2. Chest day today. Did all dumbbell work. Awesomeness. Intimidate first thing in the morning. Back home for the weekend, so sleep is better.

    Libido hasn't changed at all for a week. I have actually seen no increase whatsoever. Then again, I didn't get restful sleep taking it at night either.

    But, I was in it for the gains, and gains I am seeing.

    Tomorrow will be weigh in/BF check and body measurements. So we will see if progress continues. I think I only have 8 pills left.

  3. did ya order another bottle yet?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by JN230 View Post
    did ya order another bottle yet?

  5. Day 20....not even 3 full weeks in:

    Weight increase by 4.3 lbs
    BF decrease of 2.4%
    Chest increase 1.5 inches
    Biceps increase .5 inches each
    Forearms increase .75 inches each
    Quads increase .25 inches each
    Neck increase .75 inches
    Waist decrease .25 inches.

    Not too shabby for an old guy.

    Still taking 3 ZMA an hour before bed. Taking 1 Intimidate upon waking, which is about 30-45 minutes pre-workout.

    Libido: No change
    Mood: No change
    Focus: No change

    So, I am definitely not getting all the advertised benefits, BUT, I am getting the most important and the most measurable ones: Size/weight gain with loss of body fat. I'll take that result any day of the week, especially since the others can be more placebo driven, if you get my drift.

    You can always 'think' "yeah I've got so much more focus" simply by talking yourself into into it. On the other hand you can't talk a scale, measuring tape, or body fat calipers into giving you the desired results. The results are either there, or they are not. And for me, they are...big time.

  6. awesome progress so far , having gained 4.3 lbs while losing body fat is flat out great. and good to see you're responding well to having the Intimidate pre-workout.
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  7. Good f..in job I'm jealous

  8. 4.3!!!! whooop whooop
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  9. Been a while since I updated the log. Been traveling WAY too much. Haven't checked in sicne I couldn't weigh myself on my regular scale at my local gym. I don't want to have any weird variables.

    So, as of today,I'm 33 days in. (Yes, I ordered a second bottle of Intimidate and my second bottle of ZMA). Let me preface this by saying I am 100% sure people are gonna say I am totally full of sh!t. There is no way in hell I would believe anyone if they posted these results. But, whatever, here goes.

    Starting weight 182.3 Now 190.5 That is 8.2 lbs gained
    Chest/back increased 2"
    Biceps increased .75"
    Forearms increased .75"
    Quads increased .25" (I do not train legs, besides on an arc climber)
    Waist initially dropped .25" but ended exactly the same
    Neck increased by 1"
    Bodyfat a couple weeks in dropped by 2.1%. Right now it is exactly the same as it was on day 1. Which is still amazing considering the traveling I've been doing. Happy hour 3 days a week and all you can eat garbage at the hotel.

    I am stunned. Maybe my Testosterone was more in the toilet than I thought?? Maybe I've always had issues, and didn't know it?? But I have gained more size in 33 days than I have in the last 3 years, and that is the God's honest truth. My wife asked me "what the hell are you doing? you are getting huge!"

    I still take it in the AM, and I still have noticed no change in libido, but I could care less. Right now I am bigger than I have ever been and I have been lifting for 3 decades and I am gonna be 48 in 2 weeks. I am so psyched, and can't wait to see what happens over the next 27 or so days.

  10. LOL I love when Intimidate works so well, people don't even believe it themselves

    8.2lbs in 33 days!!!!!!

  11. I'll be begging for an XL shirt by the end of May.


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