schizm reviews: FormulaX, G8, CryoshockV2

  1. schizm reviews: FormulaX, G8, CryoshockV2

    Athletix FormulaX: (full tub)I’m using a tub with the original scoop size, so prior to each use, I shake the tub up to get it to ‘poof’ up, then use 2 scoops. Have been using it mostly added in with my intra (which is 1 serving ModernBCAA) but when mixed solo:
    Mixes up completey, no residue. Love that it doesn’t have any artificial colors/dyes in it. Light lemonade taste, not too sweet.
    As far as recovery, hard to gage as I’m running some Havoc/Trenazone/Transaderm currently, but overall recovery from workout to workout has been great. And of course libido increase (I ran 6g total DAA for first 2 weeks, then just 3g/day from that point forward).
    I chose to run this thru the entire cycle just b/c. Will it help prevent shutdown? No. Will it make recovery easier/quicker? Eh, debatable but it’s not harming anything, plus I really like LCLT and Tryosine.

    Finaflex/Redefine G8: (full tub)I have been using this for little over a week. I started at one full scoop and woke up the next day in a ‘fog’ and very unbalanced. So I dropped it down to ½ - ¾ scoop and has not had as a dramatic effect like that when waking up. Still slight fog, but nothing like a full scoop. Sleep has been very restful and in fact don’t need to sleep as much at night, which worth noting, I have a 1 month old waking up 2-5 times on any given night…and falling back alseep isn’t an issue.
    Mixes up pretty well just slight residue at the bottom of the shaker cup. Flavor, Lemon Ice and it’s green...? Truly unique in taste, is decent, nothing outstanding, but decent.

    Neogenix CryoshockV2:Rec’d a sample (and fyi, really don't like to review 1 sample of anything b/c who's say the 1 time I use it, I'm not going to have an off day for whatever reason, i.e. sleep, # of people at the gym, etc, so carries with it more pressure of it 'going well') of the updated version which has COP (creatinol O phosphate). I’ve used full tubs of Cryoshock in the past and have really enjoyed it (at 2 scoops). Also worth noting, I had just finished a tub of MaximizeV2 at 1 scoop + 25mg 1,3 dim and 2/3rds scoop of Anabolic Ignite….so I followed similar protocol with this sample and used the entire packet + 25mg 1,3 dim + 2/3rds serving Anabolic Ignite…wasn’t nearly as focused/energized as when using a scoop of maximize. This sample was listed as ½ packet as 1 serving, packet contains 2 servings. I’m wondering if that means the entire packet is equal to 2 full sized scoops…or just 1…? I only ask this, b/c I didn’t get nearly the amount of stim reaction that I recall getting from Cryoshock. Workout was Chest, had a decent pump and overall good training session.
    Mixes up completely, no grit…and Tropical Ice flavor just as I recall it, great! Have always thought it one of the better tasting preWO’s.

  2. Thanks for the review on Formula-X!
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