White Flood New Version review

  1. White Flood New Version review

    I took this stuff before intra workout on Wednesday. The directions say you can take it intra or pre. Anyway, the stuff mixed really well. It tastes kinda strange though. Tastes like beets!. It is good though. I mixed it with bulk modern bccaa and ergo blitz. I had amazing energy throughout my entire workout!. Seriously it was like I never got tired. Awesome concentration too. Very focused. Oh and I mixed the entire packet, it comes with 2 servings. When I get some money I'm gonna get some of this and add it to my stack. Seriously I want this stuff. I got pretty pumped too and I hardly ever get a pump. I might even have to trade some of Cabergolean for a bottle of this stuff. Too bad my damn rent is going up next month and I need to come up with $400 for brakes for my car. Maybe I could just live in my car, then I would have the money for this right now!.

    Thanks for the sample Controlled Labs!. This is why I like samples, now I know how well this stuff actually works for me.

  2. Its good stuff.

  3. Yes sir!.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows
    Wow!. I should totally hook up T-bone with a bottle!. He could add it to his log!

    Thanks for the offer!. I totally would do that!

  5. I'm bored.

  6. White Flood review.

  7. Thanks MWB. This stuff really worked amazingly well for me.

  8. Bump for Blakey's bump for recoverbro's bumpin' sake :0

  9. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows
    Awesome review T-bone!. I'm gonna totally hook you up!

    That would be great Renegade!. Just send me a PM!.

  10. Great review, thank you very much for putting it up! glad you liked it!
    Brakes in the car? On WF you will run to your destination


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