Firstly I would like to thank my good friend Cassie (classic34 here on the boards) for recommending M1D Black and providing me with a cycle of it to run alongside Sdrol.

A little relevant background:
Have been working out on-and-off for about 8 years; back and forth between bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strongman workout styles. Previous Pro-Hormone experience is a 6 week cycle of Hdrol January of 2009 (which I loved), and a 3 week cycle of Mdrol in the second half of 2009 (Sdrol clone; same active ingredient). The Mdrol experience was terrible for me. It started with nice gym pumps in the first week, but midway through the second week I was slammed with insane lethargy. It was so strong to the point that I could barely even work up the energy to take a shower. There was of course also the cripplingly intense lower back pumps that are associated with superdrol clones. I also had a moderate flare-up of acne on the back/shoulders and on the face. Because of the lethargy I ended up skipping most workout days. Midway through the 3rd week I decided that I simply cannot continue on like this through the 4thweek which I had planned; I ended cycle and jumped on PCT. In the end I gained a measly 4lbs, which I of course soon lost. I think everyone reading this can agree it was a mess of a cycle.

Now fast forward January of 2012. I wanted to begin another mass building cycle. I wanted something with the strength of superdrol but I was put-off based on my memories from the Mdrol cycle. I was talking about this with my friend Cassie and she mentions how LG Sciences M1D Black might be very helpful if I were to run Sdrol. What swayed me the most was the fact that it may greatly prevent/reduce lethargy, as this is the biggest outward negative side-effect to me. But also the loads of other benefits from the testosterone converting pro-hormone, to its aromatase inhibiting effects, reduction of cortisol, prevention of DHT conversions, and more. So Cassie hooked up me with a cycle of M1D Black; I ordered my Sdrol and cycle support, and I was ready to go.

The Superdrol/M1D Black cycle was run from January 29th to February 25th (4 weeks).The dosing protocol was as follows:
M1D Black: 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast; 4 caps approx 45 minutes pre-workout, 2 caps in the evening.
Sdrol: 1 capsule with the M1D pre-workout, 1 cap in the evening before bedtime.

Week 1: I started feeling the increased pumps by the second day on cycle. Towards the end of the week I began noticing increased strength. By the weekend I had gained 3lbs.
Week 2: This is when Beast Mode started kicking in. Workouts started getting heavier and more intense; aggression (the good kind) increased; concentration was better. The lower back pumps also began in this week. If anything I would only call it a mild nuisance rather than a crippling hindrance. Bodyweight is up 7lbs by the weekend.
Week 3: By now I could notice improvements physique-wise. Vascularity is increased; muscles looked thicker and harder; bodyfat looked slightly lower. Slight shoulder acne flared up. Up 11lbs on the weekend.
Week 4: Strength is up; pumps are epic; muscles are bigger and denser; bodyweight is lower; overall feeling very good mentally and physically. Only downside was knowing that I am ending Sdrol/M1D this week. (sad face). Up 14lbs by the weekend.

I was very pleased with this cycle. The workouts were beyond epic; I felt like a god and I had unbelievable pumps. Strength noticeably increased, as well as muscular endurance. Cycles like this make me wonder how/why the hell people workout without pro hormones.
By the end I had gained 14lbs while becoming slightly leaner in the process.
I experienced absolutely NO lethargy whatsoever.
I only had a very slight acne flare on my shoulders and on the chin area.
The lower back pumps were present however it was very mild. Not even close to the intensity of my past Mdrol cycle.

The only real difference between this cycle and my past Mdrol cycle is the inclusion of M1D Black. I honestly believe that if Cassie had not persuaded me to include M1D Black in this cycle then it would have been a repeat of my Mdrol experience.
As a stand-alone product I believe that M1D Black would give users awesome gains. It also obviously makes for a great addition to any stack. I will be recommending it to others that are seeking to gain mass, as well as including it in any of my own future pro hormone stacks.

Once again a big thanks to Cassie, and of course to LG Sciences for putting out this and other great products.