neogenix neurosurge review!!!

  1. neogenix neurosurge review!!!

    So I got my sample of neurosurge last night and I want to start by saying thanks so much guys!
    Now on to the review. Quick history is that I been cycling PW's for a year and I'm pretty stim tolerant. Too much red bull and jager I'm sure lol.


    I disregarded the advice of half a pack first due to my tolerance so keep that in mind.

    TASTE: I got a grape packet. I hate all things grape. That being said it was actually quite drinkable so if I liked grape I would give it a 9/10.

    MIXABILITY: This stuff dissolved UBER FAST. No grit to speak of and it shot down the throat hole smooth. 10/10.

    ENERGY LEVELl: This is where I was quite impressed. I took it 10 minutes before hitting the weights. I feel like most pre's hit me quicker than the 30 mins most advise. This was no exception. The rush actually started in my head and worked down within 15 minutes. It was a very very smooth energy. I never got hopped up like the first time I went full scoop with assault. I never shook or started talking fast or overworking myself too early in the routine. Also this exact feeling of energy lasted throughout my 1.5 hour routine without halt. I give it a 9/10. I would say 10/10 but it doesn't put me over the top.

    PUMP: If you are looking for a pump in your preworkout you should consider a NO pill or something because this product did not give any extra pump at all. However, I don't take a pre for a pump. I use pills to enhance that. Also I get really good natural pumps in my routine. so for pumps I would have to say 1/10.

    FOCUS: I see advertisements for supps that give "Incredible focus" all the time. Most the time they are bunk. This time it's legit. I have never had a PW that actually made my music motivate me more than usual. This did. At the thirty minute mark I was in the most incredible zone ever. I could focus my muscle much more than usual and really work on that full contraction at the peak of my lifts. My abs are hard for me to focus in on and today I could feel every bit of my core. This is going to be so incredible because even when using other PW's I find myself slacking sometimes in the contraction department which is crucial. This gets a perfect score. 10/10

    CRASH: Zero crash. Actually almost didn't notice a comedown at all. This was fantastic because as great as I felt on this I expected some crash. 10/10.

    Hopefully, this will help out the guys interested. I was honestly surprised how good this supp was because most PW's aren't too effective for me. I hit arms/legs/abs today with this pre and got every last rep I was shooting for. I think musclepharm just lost my business.

  2. Very Nice review! Describes a lot of the same things I feel --- Energy, focus, concentration!

  3. Thx bro!
    Hustle harder

  4. Great review!

  5. Liking the review.



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