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    Day 33

    This sucks...I'm up almost 4lbs now, I remain as lean as I was when I started and I am still shaving time of my 5 and 10km runs. Tonight I went for a long run because it was a beautiful evening and I could of ran a marathon I felt so good. I feel like I wanna sprint the whole time.

    Joints are feeling better and edginess has decreased since stopping Triazole. Its a A great product but I feel its a little too strong to be stacked with Vidatest, or at least that's how it applies to me.

    My recovery is much better these days. Even by mixing up the rep range in the weight room, it's hard to make my muscles really sore.

    All the positives that I have noted numerous times in my past updates are still present bigtime, nothing had subsided.

    Since starting Vidatest I have researched the ingredients in more detail and seems everything I am experiencing correlates to what was found during testing and studies of each. I am truely shocked by the "ATP creatine-like" effect this product brings. Any endurance athletes out gotta try this I swear!!

    So outside of this, effects remain the same...AWESOME.
    Great update man, I love how it increased endurance capacity!

  2. Day 38

    My weight is steady at a 4lbs increase now with no fluctuations. Just goes to show how Vidatest knows how to utilize extra calories and direct them to the right areas, along with proper training obviously. most areas have leveled off but have not declined. The only spike I can report as of recently is I had a couple of extreme hunger waves throughout the week, not sure what brought them on but I could not get full. I've been taking an NO/creatine product since starting this bottle and I can honestly say the increase in cardio endurance was slight over the massive increase Vidatest brought on. However my muscles feel a little more full from extra fluid due to the creatine and pumps are really good.

    So libido remains high, cardio endurance and strength are progressively improving but not at the rate when I first started. The feel good attitude still exists and ability to concentrate is better than normal. It's funny how chatty and happy I am in the morning after I pop some Vidatest and have a coffee. Sleep still incredible to say the least. N aggression anymore since dropping the Triazole and I've upped my fish oil intake a lot, so my joints are feeling that much better.

    I am going to switch up my routine after this weekend and keep compound exercises but use more dumbells and that along with more whey and extra calories. Cause I want to hit 5lbs before this bottle ends.


  3. Nice
    “Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed. (Proverbs 12:24)”

  4. Day 44

    Things remain in check. Big increase in thirst recently though and I am unsure why. But I continue to take advantage of this "high" from vidatest by shovelling calories into me and train hard. My weight now sits at almost 4.5 lbs gained with no fat. Some muscle memory yes but I can assure you vidatest had amplified growth greatly. My recovery is so good now that I'm researching a new routine to surprised the muscle again. And I am considering German volume training on Monday.

    So outside of all the positives that I've mentioned prior, I still feel great. Nothing negative to report yet.


  5. Thanks man!

  6. Will update tomorrow. Coming down of a flu.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Cordeen View Post
    Will update tomorrow. Coming down of a flu.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Day 51

    I normally take Kyolic garlic for my immune system because I swear by it, but I had not been for the week when a phase of flu came my way. Well it caught me and slowed me down a little but I continued to eat a lot and rest but no training for 3 days. But I still managed to get a couple of sessions in with the wife..haha. No hiccups there.

    Anyhow I'm all clear today and stepping on the scales this morning I am still up 4 lbs. I pretty much feel and look the same really, looking lean and fuller than day 1, I'm looking fit!!

    So I'll get to the gym today and get a few more workouts in before this bottle runs out. I wish I had taken before and after pics really. Another thing is blood work. Here in Canada medical is free but to ask for blood work from your doctor is like pulling teeth. They simply say there is no requirement if you feel good. Because I know my testosterone levels have increased and I am pretty sure most of it was free test. Because my libido skyrockets on supplements that free up test, like divanil especially and now Vidatest. I just wish I could have seen the numbers.

    Anyhow time to get going and pound the body for 9 more days.


  9. Day 54

    I'm certainly back in action since the flu passed thats for sure. I feel freaking GREAT again. Seems being sick sorta reset things and gave Vidatest a second bang. Don't get me wrong, things were awesome before but now it seems my "sense of wellbeing" is nuts....and orgasm intensity is extremely high. One cant help but to think sex while on this stuff.

    Sleeps continues to average around 8hrs in comparison to my normal 7hrs prior to starting this. Dreams are still vivid and I wake feeling 100%.

    Weight is still the same at 4lbs heavier. Maybe I'll eat eat eat for the next 6 days and shoot for another pound or 2. Dont forget I am as lean as when I started too.

    Strength has leveled off but I continue to push myself, it's just the incerases are not as big as they were at the start. I am pushing the weight I was seeking though.

    Well gotta hit the sack and start another great day tomorrow. Speaking of that my tolerance for coffee is down, I only need one now, anymore and I am wired!!


  10. Final Review

    Thanks again for this opportunity, it’s been great. So great in fact, I bought another 270 count bottle!!

    So I ran 3 bottles of 90 caps but there was a 2 week break between the first and second bottle due to shipping. Anyhow Vidatest has had a major impact on my overall physique, well being and endurance the past few months. The 3 most dominant areas for me are sleep, libido, and cardio endurance. On my first night my sleep improved and was very deep and vivid after 3 days in. This is when libido kicked in like a mofo, I felt like I was 17 again I swear.... crazy volume, multiple sessions, and a messy dream for this 40 year old. Then at about day 5 I noticed my cardio endurance improved like no other. From that point on effects continued to improve and settled out around the 2-3 week mark.

    Another strong positive area was the leaning out around week 2 which has continued the whole time. I actually never increased my calories till late in the game and I ended up 4.3lbs heavier. Speaking of that I was able to eat a whole bunch more and stay lean while my muscles filled out significantly.

    The first bottle was maintenance caloric intake, full body routines and a lot of cardio, this where I noticed more of my endurance. And I can’t push this product enough for an endurance athlete.

    I started to push weight, cut back on cardio a little and increase my calories during the 2nd and 3rd bottles. Strength gains were average and steady but as mentioned above this is where the muscle gain came from.

    My ability to focus and “feel good” home and at work made for a more relaxed life. I was content.

    Stimulants hit me more and I ended up cutting back on my coffee intake.

    I pretty much stuck with 3 caps upon waking and I had no stomach upset. I tried 4 caps but the improvements were nothing overwhelming compared to 3 and I also spread the dosage out over the day. In the end I preferred 3 caps when I woke.

    I also stacked Vidatest with 1 cap of Triazole for the second bottle. It made me more aggressive and my joints felt a little achy in the morning and during training. It wasn’t for me; I liked the content and happy feeling of just 3 caps of Vidatest.

    Vidatest really is an “All in One” product from my point of view and the price is crazy reasonable and the ingredients backed by science and real world feedback.

    I am going to take some time off before I start my new bottle of 270. I really want to plan a mass cycle with even more calories so I think I'll start in Sept.

    If anyone has any more questions on this supplement or would like more details send me a PM and I’ll try to get back soonest.

    Thanks again Vidatest!!

  11. Great review and log. Thanks for putting in so much detail!


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